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2015-01-30intel_pstate: Add num_pstates to sysfsKristen Carlson Accardi
2015-01-30intel_pstate: expose turbo range to sysfsKristen Carlson Accardi
2014-11-12intel_pstate: Add support for HWPDirk Brandewie
2014-07-07intel_pstate: Update documentation of {max,min}_perf_pct sysfs filesDirk Brandewie
2014-06-05cpufreq: add support for intermediate (stable) frequenciesViresh Kumar
2014-05-07PM / OPP: Move cpufreq specific OPP functions out of generic OPP libraryNishanth Menon
2014-05-01cpufreq: Make official mailing listViresh Kumar
2014-04-30cpufreq: Introduce macros for cpufreq_frequency_table iterationStratos Karafotis
2014-03-20cpufreq: Add stop CPU callback to cpufreq_driver interfaceDirk Brandewie
2014-03-19cpufreq: remove unused notifier: CPUFREQ_{SUSPENDCHANGE|RESUMECHANGE}Viresh Kumar
2014-01-17Documentation: cpufreq / boost: Update BOOST documentationLukasz Majewski
2014-01-06Documentation / cpufreq: add intel-pstate.txtRamkumar Ramachandra
2013-10-25cpufreq: Implement light weight ->target_index() routineViresh Kumar
2013-08-10cpufreq: Drop the owner field from struct cpufreq_driverViresh Kumar
2013-06-04cpufreq: rename index as driver_data in cpufreq_frequency_tableViresh Kumar
2013-05-05Merge branch 'timers-nohz-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2013-04-10cpufreq: AMD "frequency sensitivity feedback" powersave bias for ondemand gov...Jacob Shin
2013-04-03nohz: Rename CONFIG_NO_HZ to CONFIG_NO_HZ_COMMONFrederic Weisbecker
2013-04-02cpufreq: drivers: Remove unnecessary assignments of policy-> membersViresh Kumar
2013-04-02cpufreq: Documentation: Fix cpufreq_frequency_table nameViresh Kumar
2013-04-01cpufreq: conservative: Fix sampling_down_factor functionalityStratos Karafotis
2013-02-02cpufreq: Update Documentation for cpus and related_cpusViresh Kumar
2012-09-09acpi-cpufreq: Add support for disabling dynamic overclockingAndre Przywara
2011-11-08Doc: cpufreq: Fix typo and outdated linePaul Bolle
2011-08-08Fix documentation and comment typo 'no_hz'Paul Bolle
2011-06-13doc: fix wrong arch/i386 referencesWanlong Gao
2011-03-16[CPUFREQ] Add documentation for sampling_down_factorVishwanath BS
2010-01-13[CPUFREQ] Processor Clocking Control interface driverNaga Chumbalkar
2010-01-13[CPUFREQ] fix default value for ondemand governorMike Frysinger
2009-11-24[ACPI/CPUFREQ] Introduce bios_limit per cpu cpufreq sysfs interfaceThomas Renninger
2009-11-24[CPUFREQ] Document units for transition latencyMark Brown
2009-09-01[CPUFREQ] update Doc for cpuinfo_cur_freq and scaling_cur_freqNaga Chumbalkar
2009-06-15[CPUFREQ] minor correction to cpu-freq documentationChumbalkar Nagananda
2009-06-15[CPUFREQ] Only set sampling_rate_max deprecated, sampling_rate_min is usefulThomas Renninger
2009-02-24[CPUFREQ] ondemand/conservative: sanitize sampling_rate restrictionsThomas Renninger
2009-02-24[CPUFREQ] ondemand/conservative: deprecate sampling_rate{min,max}Thomas Renninger
2009-02-24[CPUFREQ] Introduce /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_transition_l...Thomas Renninger
2009-02-04ACPI: cpufreq: Remove deprecated /proc/acpi/processor/../performance proc ent...Thomas Renninger
2008-12-22doc: Update sh cpufreq documentation.Paul Mundt
2008-11-25[CPUFREQ] Documentation: Add Blackfin to list of supported processorsRobin Getz
2008-10-09[CPUFREQ] correct broken links and email addressesNémeth Márton
2008-07-26Documentation cleanup: trivial misspelling, punctuation, and grammar correcti...Matt LaPlante
2008-05-20[CPUFREQ] Remove documentation of removed ondemand tunable.Dave Jones
2008-04-28[CPUFREQ] document the currently undocumented parts of the sysfs interfaceDarrick J. Wong
2008-01-26[ARM] pxa: add cpufreq supportRussell King
2007-05-09misc doc and kconfig typosMatt LaPlante
2006-12-12Merge ../linusDave Jones
2006-11-30Fix typos in /Documentation : MiscMatt LaPlante
2006-10-15[CPUFREQ] Documentation fixDominik Brodowski
2006-10-03Fix typos in Documentation/: 'S'Matt LaPlante