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2013-07-03Coccinelle: Update information about the minimal version requiredNicolas Palix
2013-07-03Coccinelle: Update the documentationNicolas Palix
2013-07-03coccicheck: span checks across CPUsKees Cook
2013-04-08Coccinelle: Add support to the SPFLAGS variableNicolas Palix
2013-02-22coccicheck: Allow the user to give a V= (verbose) argumentBernd Schubert
2012-01-14coccinelle.txt: update documentation to include M= optionGreg Dietsche
2010-12-03scripts/coccinelle: update for compatability with Coccinelle 0.2.4Julia Lawall
2010-10-28Coccinelle: Fix documentationNicolas Palix
2010-10-13Coccinelle: Update documentationNicolas Palix
2010-06-29Documentation: fix ubuntu distro nameKulikov Vasiliy
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