AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-28drm: sti: Add DRM driver itselfdrm_kms_for_next-v4Benjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add CompositorBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add MixerBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add VID layerBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add GDP layerBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add TVOut driverBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add HDA driverBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add HDMI driverBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add VTAC driversBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add VTG driverBenjamin Gaignard
2014-05-28drm: sti: add bindings for DRM driverBenjamin Gaignard
2014-03-25Add linux-next specific files for 20140325Stephen Rothwell
2014-03-25Merge branch 'akpm/master'Stephen Rothwell
2014-03-25mm: add strictlimit knobMaxim Patlasov
2014-03-25mfd: devicetree: bindings: add pm8xxx RTC descriptionJosh Cartwright
2014-03-25ufs: sb mutex merge + mutex_destroyFabian Frederick
2014-03-25fs/ufs: remove unused ufs_super_block_third pointerChristian Engelmayer
2014-03-25fs/ufs: remove unused ufs_super_block_second pointerChristian Engelmayer
2014-03-25fs/ufs: remove unused ufs_super_block_first pointerChristian Engelmayer
2014-03-25fs/ufs/super.c: add __init to init_inodecache()Fabian Frederick
2014-03-25doc/kernel-parameters.txt: add early_ioremap_debugMark Salter
2014-03-25arm64: add early_ioremap supportMark Salter
2014-03-25arm64: initialize pgprot info earlier in bootMark Salter
2014-03-25x86: use generic early_ioremapMark Salter
2014-03-25mm: create generic early_ioremap() supportMark Salter
2014-03-25x86/mm: sparse warning fix for early_memremapDave Young
2014-03-25lglock: map to spinlock when !CONFIG_SMPJosh Triplett
2014-03-25percpu-add-preemption-checks-to-__this_cpu-ops-fix-checkpatch-fixesAndrew Morton
2014-03-25preemption_checks: avoid snprintf before checking error conditionsChristoph Lameter
2014-03-25percpu: add preemption checks to __this_cpu opsChristoph Lameter
2014-03-25slub-use-raw_cpu_inc-for-incrementing-statistics-fixAndrew Morton
2014-03-25slub: use raw_cpu_inc for incrementing statisticsChristoph Lameter
2014-03-25net: replace __this_cpu_inc in route.c with raw_cpu_incChristoph Lameter
2014-03-25modules: use raw_cpu_write for initialization of per cpu refcount.Christoph Lameter
2014-03-25mm: use raw_cpu ops for determining current NUMA nodeChristoph Lameter
2014-03-25percpu: add raw_cpu_opsChristoph Lameter
2014-03-25arm: move arm_dma_limit to setup_dma_zoneVladimir Murzin
2014-03-25drivers/w1/w1_int.c: call put_device if device_register failsLevente Kurusa
2014-03-25slub: fix leak of 'name' in sysfs_slab_addDave Jones
2014-03-25slub: rework sysfs layout for memcg cachesVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25slub: adjust memcg caches when creating cache aliasVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25memcg, slab: do not destroy children caches if parent has aliasesVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25memcg, slab: unregister cache from memcg before starting to destroy itVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25memcg, slab: separate memcg vs root cache creation pathsVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25memcg, slab: cleanup memcg cache creationVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25memcg, slab: never try to merge memcg cachesVladimir Davydov
2014-03-25asm/system.h: um: arch_align_stack() moved to asm/exec.hDavid Howells
2014-03-25asm/system.h: clean asm/system.h from docsDavid Howells
2014-03-25kernel: use macros from compiler.h instead of __attribute__((...))Gideon Israel Dsouza
2014-03-25Kconfig: rename HAS_IOPORT to HAS_IOPORT_MAPUwe Kleine-K├Ânig