AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-23drm/tegra: Obtain head number from DTdrm/for-3.14-rc1-20140123Thierry Reding
2014-01-14drm/panel: update EDID BLOB in panel_simple_get_modes()Stephen Warren
2014-01-14gpu: host1x: Remove unnecessary includeThierry Reding
2014-01-14drm/tegra: Use proper data typeThierry Reding
2014-01-14drm/tegra: Clarify how panel modes override othersThierry Reding
2014-01-14drm/tegra: Fix possible CRTC mask for RGB outputsThierry Reding
2014-01-14drm/i915: Use drm_encoder_crtc_ok()Thierry Reding
2014-01-14drm: Move drm_encoder_crtc_ok() to coreThierry Reding
2014-01-14drm: provide a helper for the encoder possible_crtcs maskRussell King
2014-01-14drm/tegra: Don't check resource with devm_ioremap_resource()Wolfram Sang
2014-01-08drm/panel: Add support for Chunghwa CLAA101WA01A panelStephen Warren
2014-01-08drm/panel: Add support for Samsung LTN101NT05 panelMarc Dietrich
2013-12-20drm/tegra: fix compile w/ CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUGdrm/for-3.14-rc1Stephen Warren
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Add PRIME supportThierry Reding
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Relocate some output-specific codeThierry Reding
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Add Tegra124 DC supportThierry Reding
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Fix small leak on error in tegra_fb_alloc()Dan Carpenter
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Make legacy fbdev support optionalThierry Reding
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Sort reverse-dependencies alphabeticallyThierry Reding
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Fix return value checkWei Yongjun
2013-12-20drm/tegra: Add DSI supportThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Disable outputs for power-savingThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Track HDMI enable stateThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Fix HDMI audio frequency typoThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Do not export tegra_bo_opsThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Remove spurious blank lineThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Increase compile test coverageThierry Reding
2013-12-19drm/tegra: Allow the driver to be built as a moduleThierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Add Tegra124 supportThierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: clk_round_rate() can return a zero upon errorPaul Walmsley
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Fix build warningsThierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Increase compile test coverageThierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Fix more sparse warningsThierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Use the correct HW headers for host1x02Thierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Export public APIThierry Reding
2013-12-19gpu: host1x: Add MIPI pad calibration supportThierry Reding
2013-12-17gpu: host1x: Add MIPI pad calibration DT bindingsThierry Reding
2013-12-17gpu: host1x: Update host1x device tree exampleThierry Reding
2013-12-17drm/tegra: Implement panel supportThierry Reding
2013-12-17drm/panel: Add support for Panasonic VVX10F004B0Thierry Reding
2013-12-17drm/panel: Add simple panel supportThierry Reding
2013-12-17drm: Add panel supportThierry Reding
2013-12-17drm: Add MIPI DSI bus supportAndrzej Hajda
2013-12-17of: Add simple panel device tree bindingThierry Reding
2013-12-17of: Add MIPI DSI bus device tree bindingsThierry Reding
2013-12-17Merge tag 'tegra-for-3.14-powergate' into drm/for-nextThierry Reding
2013-12-17Merge tag 'tegra-for-3.14-dmas-resets-rework' into drm/for-nextThierry Reding
2013-12-16ARM: tegra: Add IO rail supportThierry Reding
2013-12-16ARM: tegra: Special-case the 3D clamps on Tegra124Thierry Reding
2013-12-16ARM: tegra: Add Tegra124 powergate supportThierry Reding