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@@ -134,9 +134,9 @@ Do not send more than 15 patches at once to the vger mailing lists!!!
Linus Torvalds is the final arbiter of all changes accepted into the
-Linux kernel. His e-mail address is <>. He gets
-a lot of e-mail, so typically you should do your best to -avoid- sending
-him e-mail.
+Linux kernel. His e-mail address is <>.
+He gets a lot of e-mail, so typically you should do your best to -avoid-
+sending him e-mail.
Patches which are bug fixes, are "obvious" changes, or similarly
require little discussion should be sent or CC'd to Linus. Patches
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Bill Ryder <>
Thomas Sailer <>
Gregory P. Smith <>
- Linus Torvalds <>
+ Linus Torvalds <>
Roman Weissgaerber <>