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@@ -2230,11 +2230,8 @@ balance-rr: This mode is the only mode that will permit a single
It is possible to adjust TCP/IP's congestion limits by
altering the net.ipv4.tcp_reordering sysctl parameter. The
- usual default value is 3, and the maximum useful value is 127.
- For a four interface balance-rr bond, expect that a single
- TCP/IP stream will utilize no more than approximately 2.3
- interface's worth of throughput, even after adjusting
- tcp_reordering.
+ usual default value is 3. But keep in mind TCP stack is able
+ to automatically increase this when it detects reorders.
Note that the fraction of packets that will be delivered out of
order is highly variable, and is unlikely to be zero. The level
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@@ -383,9 +383,17 @@ tcp_orphan_retries - INTEGER
may consume significant resources. Cf. tcp_max_orphans.
tcp_reordering - INTEGER
- Maximal reordering of packets in a TCP stream.
+ Initial reordering level of packets in a TCP stream.
+ TCP stack can then dynamically adjust flow reordering level
+ between this initial value and tcp_max_reordering
Default: 3
+tcp_max_reordering - INTEGER
+ Maximal reordering level of packets in a TCP stream.
+ 300 is a fairly conservative value, but you might increase it
+ if paths are using per packet load balancing (like bonding rr mode)
+ Default: 300
tcp_retrans_collapse - BOOLEAN
Bug-to-bug compatibility with some broken printers.
On retransmit try to send bigger packets to work around bugs in
@@ -1466,6 +1474,19 @@ suppress_frag_ndisc - INTEGER
1 - (default) discard fragmented neighbor discovery packets
0 - allow fragmented neighbor discovery packets
+optimistic_dad - BOOLEAN
+ Whether to perform Optimistic Duplicate Address Detection (RFC 4429).
+ 0: disabled (default)
+ 1: enabled
+use_optimistic - BOOLEAN
+ If enabled, do not classify optimistic addresses as deprecated during
+ source address selection. Preferred addresses will still be chosen
+ before optimistic addresses, subject to other ranking in the source
+ address selection algorithm.
+ 0: disabled (default)
+ 1: enabled
ratelimit - INTEGER
Limit the maximal rates for sending ICMPv6 packets.