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@@ -77,11 +77,11 @@ This has a number of options available:
This presents a choice of which hash algorithm the installation phase will
sign the modules with:
- CONFIG_SIG_SHA1 "Sign modules with SHA-1"
- CONFIG_SIG_SHA224 "Sign modules with SHA-224"
- CONFIG_SIG_SHA256 "Sign modules with SHA-256"
- CONFIG_SIG_SHA384 "Sign modules with SHA-384"
- CONFIG_SIG_SHA512 "Sign modules with SHA-512"
+ CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_SHA1 "Sign modules with SHA-1"
+ CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_SHA224 "Sign modules with SHA-224"
+ CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_SHA256 "Sign modules with SHA-256"
+ CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_SHA384 "Sign modules with SHA-384"
+ CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_SHA512 "Sign modules with SHA-512"
The algorithm selected here will also be built into the kernel (rather
than being a module) so that modules signed with that algorithm can have