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takes to complete as you can 'nice' it and prevent it from taking part
in the deciding process of whether to increase your CPU frequency.
+sampling_down_factor: this parameter controls the rate at which the
+kernel makes a decision on when to decrease the frequency while running
+at top speed. When set to 1 (the default) decisions to reevaluate load
+are made at the same interval regardless of current clock speed. But
+when set to greater than 1 (e.g. 100) it acts as a multiplier for the
+scheduling interval for reevaluating load when the CPU is at its top
+speed due to high load. This improves performance by reducing the overhead
+of load evaluation and helping the CPU stay at its top speed when truly
+busy, rather than shifting back and forth in speed. This tunable has no
+effect on behavior at lower speeds/lower CPU loads.
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