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I2C serial bus support
The slaves behind I2C bus controller only need to add the ACPI IDs like
-with the platform and SPI drivers. However the I2C bus controller driver
-needs to call acpi_i2c_register_devices() after it has added the adapter.
-An I2C bus (controller) driver does:
- ...
- ret = i2c_add_numbered_adapter(adapter);
- if (ret)
- /* handle error */
- of_i2c_register_devices(adapter);
- /* Enumerate the slave devices behind this bus via ACPI */
- acpi_i2c_register_devices(adapter);
+with the platform and SPI drivers. The I2C core automatically enumerates
+any slave devices behind the controller device once the adapter is
Below is an example of how to add ACPI support to the existing mpu3050
input driver: