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Btrfs: fix regression in raid level conversion
Commit 2f0810880f082fa8ba66ab2c33b02e4ff9770a5e changed btrfs_set_block_group_ro to avoid trying to allocate new chunks with the new raid profile during conversion. This fixed failures when there was no space on the drive to allocate a new chunk, but the metadata reserves were sufficient to continue the conversion. But this ended up causing a regression when the drive had plenty of space to allocate new chunks, mostly because reduce_alloc_profile isn't using the new raid profile. Fixing btrfs_reduce_alloc_profile is a bigger patch. For now, do a partial revert of 2f0810880, and don't error out if we hit ENOSPC. Signed-off-by: Chris Mason <> Tested-by: Dave Sterba <> Reported-by: Holger Hoffstaette <>
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