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SFI: Simple Firmware Interface - MAINTAINERS, Kconfig
CONFIG_SFI=y enables the kernel to boot and run optimally on platforms that support the Simple Firmware Interface. Thanks to Jacob Pan for prototyping the initial Linux SFI support, and to Feng Tang for Linux bring-up and debug both in emulation and on Moorestown hardware. See for more information on SFI. Signed-off-by: Len Brown <>
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+# SFI Configuration
+menuconfig SFI
+ bool "SFI (Simple Firmware Interface) Support"
+ ---help---
+ The Simple Firmware Interface (SFI) provides a lightweight method
+ for platform firmware to pass information to the operating system
+ via static tables in memory. Kernel SFI support is required to
+ boot on SFI-only platforms. Currently, all SFI-only platforms are
+ based on the 2nd generation Intel Atom processor platform,
+ code-named Moorestown.
+ For more information, see
+ Say 'Y' here to enable the kernel to boot on SFI-only platforms.