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Andrew Lunn says: ==================== DSA Mavell drivers refactoring and cleanup v1->v2: * Add missing signed-of-by: For patches authored by Guenter Roeck. * Add Reviewed by from Guenter Roack to patch #5. This is a collection of patches again net-next from today containing refactoring and consolidate of code, cleanups and using #define's to replace register numbers. Patch #1 Swaps the 6131 driver to use the consolidated setup code. Patch #2 Moves the Switch IDs used during probe into a central location. We need these later so that we can differentiate the different features the devices have. Patch #3 Makes the 6131 driver set the number of ports in the private state structure. It then uses this, rather than hard coded maximum number of ports. Patch #4 Similar to Patch #3, but for the 6123_61_65 driver. Patch #5 Similar to Patch #3, and #4, but for all the remaining drivers. This greatly increases the similarity of the code between drivers, allow further patches to consolidate the duplicated code. Patch #6 Consolidate the switch reset code, which has two minor variants. Removes around 35 lines per driver. Patch #7 Moves phy page access functions out of the 6352 driver into the shared code. Currently only the 6352 driver uses this, but it is likely other devices will come along wanting this functionality. Patch #8 Consolidates the code used to access phy registers. Removes around 40 lines of code per driver. Patch #9 Fixes missing mutex locking in the EEE code, and refactors the code a bit to make it more understandable with respect to locks. Patch #10 Consolidates reading statistics. This is very similar code for all devices, but the number of available statistics differ, which can be determined from the product ID. Removes around 65 lines per driver. Patch #11 Add #defines for registers, and bits within the registers. For the moment, this is limited to the shared code. The individual drivers will be converted once the remaining duplicated code is consolidated Patch #12 Fix broken statistic counters on the 6172. The 6352 family requires the port number is poked into a different set of bits in the register compared to other devices. Many thanks to Guenter Roeck for repeatedly reviewing the patches and testing them on his hardware. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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