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idr: implement idr_preload[_end]() and idr_alloc()
The current idr interface is very cumbersome. * For all allocations, two function calls - idr_pre_get() and idr_get_new*() - should be made. * idr_pre_get() doesn't guarantee that the following idr_get_new*() will not fail from memory shortage. If idr_get_new*() returns -EAGAIN, the caller is expected to retry pre_get and allocation. * idr_get_new*() can't enforce upper limit. Upper limit can only be enforced by allocating and then freeing if above limit. * idr_layer buffer is unnecessarily per-idr. Each idr ends up keeping around MAX_IDR_FREE idr_layers. The memory consumed per idr is under two pages but it makes it difficult to make idr_layer larger. This patch implements the following new set of allocation functions. * idr_preload[_end]() - Similar to radix preload but doesn't fail. The first idr_alloc() inside preload section can be treated as if it were called with @gfp_mask used for idr_preload(). * idr_alloc() - Allocate an ID w/ lower and upper limits. Takes @gfp_flags and can be used w/o preloading. When used inside preloaded section, the allocation mask of preloading can be assumed. If idr_alloc() can be called from a context which allows sufficiently relaxed @gfp_mask, it can be used by itself. If, for example, idr_alloc() is called inside spinlock protected region, preloading can be used like the following. idr_preload(GFP_KERNEL); spin_lock(lock); id = idr_alloc(idr, ptr, start, end, GFP_NOWAIT); spin_unlock(lock); idr_preload_end(); if (id < 0) error; which is much simpler and less error-prone than idr_pre_get and idr_get_new*() loop. The new interface uses per-pcu idr_layer buffer and thus the number of idr's in the system doesn't affect the amount of memory used for preloading. idr_layer_alloc() is introduced to handle idr_layer allocations for both old and new ID allocation paths. This is a bit hairy now but the new interface is expected to replace the old and the internal implementation eventually will become simpler. Signed-off-by: Tejun Heo <> Cc: Rusty Russell <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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