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Merge tag 'usb-4.1-rc2' of git://
Pull USB fixes from Greg KH: "Here are a number of small USB fixes for 4.2-rc2. They revert one problem patch, fix some minor things, and add some new quirks for "broken" devices. All have been in linux-next successfully" * tag 'usb-4.1-rc2' of git:// cdc-acm: prevent infinite loop when parsing CDC headers. Revert "usb: host: ehci-msm: Use devm_ioremap_resource instead of devm_ioremap" usb: chipidea: otg: remove mutex unlock and lock while stop and start role uas: Set max_sectors_240 quirk for ASM1053 devices uas: Add US_FL_MAX_SECTORS_240 flag uas: Allow uas_use_uas_driver to return usb-storage flags
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@@ -3787,6 +3787,8 @@ bytes respectively. Such letter suffixes can also be entirely omitted.
READ_CAPACITY_16 command);
f = NO_REPORT_OPCODES (don't use report opcodes
command, uas only);
+ g = MAX_SECTORS_240 (don't transfer more than
+ 240 sectors at a time, uas only);
h = CAPACITY_HEURISTICS (decrease the
reported device capacity by one
sector if the number is odd);