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Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)
Merge misc fixes from Andrew Morton: "16 patches This includes a new rtc driver for the Abracon AB x80x and isn't very appropriate for -rc2. It was still being fiddled with a bit during the merge window and I fell asleep during -rc1" [ So I took the new driver, it seems small and won't regress anything. I'm a softy. - Linus ] * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: rtc: armada38x: fix concurrency access in armada38x_rtc_set_time ocfs2: dlm: fix race between purge and get lock resource nilfs2: fix sanity check of btree level in nilfs_btree_root_broken() util_macros.h: have array pointer point to array of constants configfs: init configfs module earlier at boot time mm/hwpoison-inject: check PageLRU of hpage mm/hwpoison-inject: fix refcounting in no-injection case mm: soft-offline: fix num_poisoned_pages counting on concurrent events rtc: add rtc-abx80x, a driver for the Abracon AB x80x i2c rtc Documentation: bindings: add abracon,abx80x kasan: show gcc version requirements in Kconfig and Documentation mm/memory-failure: call shake_page() when error hits thp tail page lib: delete lib/find_last_bit.c MAINTAINERS: add co-maintainer for LED subsystem zram: add Designated Reviewer for zram in MAINTAINERS revert "zram: move compact_store() to sysfs functions area"
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+Abracon ABX80X I2C ultra low power RTC/Alarm chip
+The Abracon ABX80X family consist of the ab0801, ab0803, ab0804, ab0805, ab1801,
+ab1803, ab1804 and ab1805. The ab0805 is the superset of ab080x and the ab1805
+is the superset of ab180x.
+Required properties:
+ - "compatible": should one of:
+ "abracon,abx80x"
+ "abracon,ab0801"
+ "abracon,ab0803"
+ "abracon,ab0804"
+ "abracon,ab0805"
+ "abracon,ab1801"
+ "abracon,ab1803"
+ "abracon,ab1804"
+ "abracon,ab1805"
+ Using "abracon,abx80x" will enable chip autodetection.
+ - "reg": I2C bus address of the device
+Optional properties:
+The abx804 and abx805 have a trickle charger that is able to charge the
+connected battery or supercap. Both the following properties have to be defined
+and valid to enable charging:
+ - "abracon,tc-diode": should be "standard" (0.6V) or "schottky" (0.3V)
+ - "abracon,tc-resistor": should be <0>, <3>, <6> or <11>. 0 disables the output
+ resistor, the other values are in ohm.
diff --git a/Documentation/kasan.txt b/Documentation/kasan.txt
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@@ -9,7 +9,9 @@ a fast and comprehensive solution for finding use-after-free and out-of-bounds
KASan uses compile-time instrumentation for checking every memory access,
-therefore you will need a certain version of GCC > 4.9.2
+therefore you will need a gcc version of 4.9.2 or later. KASan could detect out
+of bounds accesses to stack or global variables, but only if gcc 5.0 or later was
+used to built the kernel.
Currently KASan is supported only for x86_64 architecture and requires that the
kernel be built with the SLUB allocator.
@@ -23,8 +25,8 @@ To enable KASAN configure kernel with:
and choose between CONFIG_KASAN_OUTLINE and CONFIG_KASAN_INLINE. Outline/inline
is compiler instrumentation types. The former produces smaller binary the
-latter is 1.1 - 2 times faster. Inline instrumentation requires GCC 5.0 or
+latter is 1.1 - 2 times faster. Inline instrumentation requires a gcc version
+of 5.0 or later.
Currently KASAN works only with the SLUB memory allocator.
For better bug detection and nicer report, enable CONFIG_STACKTRACE and put