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net: neighbour: Document {mcast, ucast}_solicit, mcast_resolicit.
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@@ -1126,11 +1126,23 @@ arp_accept - BOOLEAN
gratuitous arp frame, the arp table will be updated regardless
if this setting is on or off.
+mcast_solicit - INTEGER
+ The maximum number of multicast probes in INCOMPLETE state,
+ when the associated hardware address is unknown. Defaults
+ to 3.
+ucast_solicit - INTEGER
+ The maximum number of unicast probes in PROBE state, when
+ the hardware address is being reconfirmed. Defaults to 3.
app_solicit - INTEGER
The maximum number of probes to send to the user space ARP daemon
via netlink before dropping back to multicast probes (see
- mcast_solicit). Defaults to 0.
+ mcast_resolicit). Defaults to 0.
+mcast_resolicit - INTEGER
+ The maximum number of multicast probes after unicast and
+ app probes in PROBE state. Defaults to 0.
disable_policy - BOOLEAN
Disable IPSEC policy (SPD) for this interface