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vxlan: Fix to enable UDP checksums on interface
Add definition to vxlan nla_policy for UDP checksum. This is necessary to enable UDP checksums on VXLAN. In some instances, enabling UDP checksums can improve performance on receive for devices that return legacy checksum-unnecessary for UDP/IP. Also, UDP checksum provides some protection against VNI corruption. Testing: Ran 200 instances of TCP_STREAM and TCP_RR on bnx2x. TCP_STREAM IPv4, without UDP checksums 14.41% TX CPU utilization 25.71% RX CPU utilization 9083.4 Mbps IPv4, with UDP checksums 13.99% TX CPU utilization 13.40% RX CPU utilization 9095.65 Mbps TCP_RR IPv4, without UDP checksums 94.08% TX CPU utilization 156/248/462 90/95/99% latencies 1.12743e+06 tps IPv4, with UDP checksums 94.43% TX CPU utilization 158/250/462 90/95/99% latencies 1.13345e+06 tps Signed-off-by: Tom Herbert <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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