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Pablo Neira Ayuso says: ==================== netfilter updates for net-next The following patchset contains netfilter updates for net-next, just a bunch of cleanups and small enhancement to selectively flush conntracks in ctnetlink, more specifically the patches are: 1) Rise default number of buckets in conntrack from 16384 to 65536 in systems with >= 4GBytes, patch from Marcelo Leitner. 2) Small refactor to save one level on indentation in xt_osf, from Joe Perches. 3) Remove unnecessary sizeof(char) in nf_log, from Fabian Frederick. 4) Another small cleanup to remove redundant variable in nfnetlink, from Duan Jiong. 5) Fix compilation warning in nfnetlink_cthelper on parisc, from Chen Gang. 6) Fix wrong format in debugging for ctseqadj, from Gao feng. 7) Selective conntrack flushing through the mark for ctnetlink, patch from Kristian Evensen. 8) Remove nf_ct_conntrack_flush_report() exported symbol now that is not required anymore after the selective flushing patch, again from Kristian. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@ nf_conntrack_buckets - INTEGER (read-only)
Size of hash table. If not specified as parameter during module
loading, the default size is calculated by dividing total memory
by 16384 to determine the number of buckets but the hash table will
- never have fewer than 32 or more than 16384 buckets.
+ never have fewer than 32 and limited to 16384 buckets. For systems
+ with more than 4GB of memory it will be 65536 buckets.
nf_conntrack_checksum - BOOLEAN
0 - disabled