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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ each client has its own protocol. The protocol is message-based with a
header and payload up to 512 bytes.
Prominent usage of the Intel ME Interface is to communicate with Intel(R)
-Active Management Technology (Intel AMT)implemented in firmware running on
+Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) implemented in firmware running on
the Intel ME.
Intel AMT provides the ability to manage a host remotely out-of-band (OOB)
@@ -150,15 +150,15 @@ Intel ME Applications
The Intel LMS opens a connection using the Intel MEI driver to the Intel LMS
firmware feature using a defined UUID and then communicates with the feature
- using a protocol called Intel AMT Port Forwarding Protocol(Intel APF protocol).
+ using a protocol called Intel AMT Port Forwarding Protocol (Intel APF protocol).
The protocol is used to maintain multiple sessions with Intel AMT from a
single application.
- See the protocol specification in the Intel AMT Software Development Kit(SDK)
+ See the protocol specification in the Intel AMT Software Development Kit (SDK)
- Under "SDK Resources" => "Intel(R) vPro(TM) Gateway(MPS)"
+ Under "SDK Resources" => "Intel(R) vPro(TM) Gateway (MPS)"
=> "Information for Intel(R) vPro(TM) Gateway Developers"
- => "Description of the Intel AMT Port Forwarding (APF)Protocol"
+ => "Description of the Intel AMT Port Forwarding (APF) Protocol"
2) Intel AMT Remote configuration using a Local Agent
A Local Agent enables IT personnel to configure Intel AMT out-of-the-box