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hwmon: Driver for TI TMP103 temperature sensor
Driver for the TI TMP103. The TI TMP103 is similar to the TMP102. It differs from the TMP102 by having only 8 bit registers. Signed-off-by: Heiko Schocher <> [ Select REGMAP_I2C in Kconfig] Signed-off-by: Guenter Roeck <>
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+Kernel driver tmp103
+Supported chips:
+ * Texas Instruments TMP103
+ Prefix: 'tmp103'
+ Addresses scanned: none
+ Product info and datasheet:
+ Heiko Schocher <>
+The TMP103 is a digital output temperature sensor in a four-ball
+wafer chip-scale package (WCSP). The TMP103 is capable of reading
+temperatures to a resolution of 1°C. The TMP103 is specified for
+operation over a temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.
+Resolution: 8 Bits
+Accuracy: ±1°C Typ (–10°C to +100°C)
+The driver provides the common sysfs-interface for temperatures (see
+Documentation/hwmon/sysfs-interface under Temperatures).
+Please refer how to instantiate this driver: