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[PATCH] abituguru: New hardware monitoring driver
New hardware monitoring driver for the Abit uGuru Signed-off-by: Hans de Goede <> Signed-off-by: Jean Delvare <> Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
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+Kernel driver abituguru
+Supported chips:
+ * Abit uGuru (Hardware Monitor part only)
+ Prefix: 'abituguru'
+ Addresses scanned: ISA 0x0E0
+ Datasheet: Not available, this driver is based on reverse engineering.
+ A "Datasheet" has been written based on the reverse engineering it
+ should be available in the same dir as this file under the name
+ abituguru-datasheet.
+ Hans de Goede <>,
+ (Initial reverse engineering done by Olle Sandberg
+ <>)
+Module Parameters
+* force: bool Force detection. Note this parameter only causes the
+ detection to be skipped, if the uGuru can't be read
+ the module initialization (insmod) will still fail.
+* fan_sensors: int Tell the driver how many fan speed sensors there are
+ on your motherboard. Default: 0 (autodetect).
+* pwms: int Tell the driver how many fan speed controls (fan
+ pwms) your motherboard has. Default: 0 (autodetect).
+* verbose: int How verbose should the driver be? (0-3):
+ 0 normal output
+ 1 + verbose error reporting
+ 2 + sensors type probing info\n"
+ 3 + retryable error reporting
+ Default: 2 (the driver is still in the testing phase)
+Notice if you need any of the first three options above please insmod the
+driver with verbose set to 3 and mail me <> the output of:
+dmesg | grep abituguru
+This driver supports the hardware monitoring features of the Abit uGuru chip
+found on Abit uGuru featuring motherboards (most modern Abit motherboards).
+The uGuru chip in reality is a Winbond W83L950D in disguise (despite Abit
+claiming it is "a new microprocessor designed by the ABIT Engineers").
+Unfortunatly this doesn't help since the W83L950D is a generic
+microcontroller with a custom Abit application running on it.
+Despite Abit not releasing any information regarding the uGuru, Olle
+Sandberg <> has managed to reverse engineer the sensor part
+of the uGuru. Without his work this driver would not have been possible.
+Known Issues
+The voltage and frequency control parts of the Abit uGuru are not supported.