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net: can: c_can: Add support for TI am4372 DCAN
AM4372 SoC has 2 DCAN modules. Add compatible id and raminit driver data for it. The driver data is same as AM3352 but this gives us flexibility to add AM4372 specific quirks if required later. Signed-off-by: Roger Quadros <> Signed-off-by: Marc Kleine-Budde <>
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@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ Bosch C_CAN/D_CAN controller Device Tree Bindings
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be "bosch,c_can" for C_CAN controllers and
"bosch,d_can" for D_CAN controllers.
- Can be "ti,dra7-d_can" or "ti,am3352-d_can".
+ Can be "ti,dra7-d_can", "ti,am3352-d_can" or
+ "ti,am4372-d_can".
- reg : physical base address and size of the C_CAN/D_CAN
registers map
- interrupts : property with a value describing the interrupt