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kgdb: remove the requirement for CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER
There is no technical reason that the kgdb core requires frame pointers. It is up to the end user of KGDB to decide if they need them or not. [ removed frame pointers on mips ] Signed-off-by: Jason Wessel <>
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"Kernel debugging" select "KGDB: kernel debugging with remote gdb".
+ It is advised, but not required that you turn on the
+ CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER kernel option. This option inserts code to
+ into the compiled executable which saves the frame information in
+ registers or on the stack at different points which will allow a
+ debugger such as gdb to more accurately construct stack back traces
+ while debugging the kernel.
+ </para>
+ <para>
Next you should choose one of more I/O drivers to interconnect debugging
host and debugged target. Early boot debugging requires a KGDB
I/O driver that supports early debugging and the driver must be