BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
donutCheck in binutils sources for prebuilt toolchains in Donut.Jing Yu9 years
eclaircheck in binutils sources for prebuilt toolchains in Eclair.Jing Yu9 years
honeycombBackport upstream assember fix and disassembler fix.Jing Yu8 years
linaroFix build when odd architectures are enabled - for some reason, theBernhard Rosenkraenzer8 years
masterSync internal and external version.Doug Kwan8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-05-24Sync internal and external version.HEADmasterDoug Kwan
2011-05-13Sync internal and external versions.Doug Kwan
2011-02-14Fix dangling pointer bug in gold's ICF.Doug Kwan
2011-01-30Upgrade binutils and gold.Jing Yu
2010-11-04Backport upstream assember fix and disassembler fix.honeycombJing Yu
2010-10-04Backport upstream fix to disable inlining of merge sections in ICF forJing Yu
2010-09-24A few gold and assembler patches.Jing Yu
2010-08-10Fix up uses of gas printf like functions so that the format stringJing Yu
2010-07-22A few binutils and gold patches to make gold and safe-icf work.Jing Yu
2010-06-08Binutils sources for toolchain checked in on 06/03/2010.Jing Yu