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masterMerge commit 'refs/changes/15/2415/3' of She5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-10Merge commit 'refs/changes/15/2415/3' of She
2014-07-08Make shell scripts POSIX compliantLucas Dutra Nunes
2014-07-07ltp-network: fixed test definition parametersMilosz Wasilewski
2014-07-07Ubuntu: removed redundant LTP realtime definitionMilosz Wasilewski
2014-07-03pwrmgmt: Bump release version to pm-qa-v0.4.11Lisa Nguyen
2014-07-02ACPICA: fixed result parsingArthur She
2014-07-02kvm: add armv8 supportRiku Voipio
2014-07-02is-cpu-isolated: formatting udpatesViresh Kumar
2014-07-02is-cpu-isolated: skip testing isolation initiallyViresh Kumar
2014-07-02is-cpu-isolated: rename ISOL_CPU to ISOL_CPUSViresh Kumar