BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
stagingx86: rename DIRTY_GS_BASE_USERJan Beulich16 months
vgic-abstraction-v2ARM: VGIC: rework gicv[23]_update_lr to not use pending_irqAndre Przywara16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-07x86: rename DIRTY_GS_BASE_USERstagingJan Beulich
2017-12-07mm: don't use domain_shutdown() when re-offlining a pageJan Beulich
2017-12-07pdx: correct indentationJan Beulich
2017-12-06x86/HVM: don't retain emulated insn cache when exiting back to guestJan Beulich
2017-12-05drop stray .0 from hypervisor versionJan Beulich
2017-12-05x86: don't ignore foreigndom on L2/L3/L4 page table updatesJan Beulich
2017-12-05x86: tighten MMU_*PT_UPDATE* check and combine error pathsJan Beulich
2017-12-05x86/mm: drop yet another relic of translated PV domains from new_guest_cr3()Jan Beulich
2017-12-05x86/HVM: tighten re-issue check in hvmemul_do_io()Jan Beulich
2017-12-05XSM/flask: constification of IRQ mapping interfacesJan Beulich