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2013-01-21Version 0.4.0pm-qa-0.4.0linaro-2013.01hongbo.zhang
2013-01-21pm-qa: enable thermal test scipts.hongbo.zhang
2013-01-21thermal: enable launching glmark2 in AndroidHongbo Zhang
2013-01-09thermal: add switch for thermal_06.shhongbo.zhang
2013-01-09thermal: Consolidate launching glmark2 as GPU heaterHongbo Zhang
2012-11-28thermal: remove unnecessary variable TRIP_CROSSED_COUNThongbo.zhang
2012-11-28thermal: don't check launch of the glmark2 if it isn't therehongbo.zhang
2012-11-28thermal: kill heater program if test is terminated by signalhongbo.zhang
2012-11-28pm-qa: update .gitignore filehongbo.zhang
2012-11-28thermal: add sanity checking before executing testshongbo.zhang
2012-11-28thermal: bug fix of check_valid_temp functionhongbo.zhang
2012-11-28suspend: enable the pm_trace.zhanghongbo
2012-11-28Android makefiles updated due to suspend function update.zhanghongbo
2012-11-28cpufreq bug fix: variables should be surrouded by quotation marks.zhanghongbo
2012-11-28Suspend function updated.zhanghongbo
2012-11-28Version 0.3.2pm-qa-0.3.2hongbo.zhang
2012-11-28cpufreq: governor mode should be checked if it is supported before setting it.hongbo.zhang
2012-11-28pm-qa : Fix global variable with sigatomic_tDaniel Lezcano
2012-11-28pm-qa: add powertop test casesRajagopal Venkat
2012-11-28Ignore the non-zero returns, go on executing the remaining test.hongbo.zhang
2012-11-28pm-qa: run sanity check before running test casesRajagopal Venkat
2012-11-28Update for Android build systemkejun.zhou
2012-11-28Version 0.3.1pm-qa-0.3.1zhanghongbo
2012-11-28Remove testcases directory from top Makefile.zhanghongbo
2012-11-28Add Android.mk for pm-qa in Android system.kejun.zhou
2012-11-28Change some head files in cpuidle_kill.c for pm-qa in Android system.kejun.zhou
2012-11-28Version 0.3.0pm-qa-0.3.0zhanghongbo
2012-11-28PM-QA: remove obsolete test scriptsRajagopal Venkat
2012-11-28check if glmark2 is there before excuting it.zhanghongbo
2012-11-28Add -pthread option for thermal test compiling.zhanghongbo
2012-05-09Fix: check binding test cases failing and some common improvementAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Disable all thermal zones before verifying cpufreq cooling devicesAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Small changes and bug fixesAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Verify that different trip points are crossed when load is maximumAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Verify the cpufreq cooling device are clipping the frequenciesAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Verify the cooling device are lowering the temperature downAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Verify that the thermal sensor reports different temperature with changing loadsAmit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Add a C program to heat up all the cores of the system.Amit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Add cooling devices functional tests.Amit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-09Check the thermal zone for sysfs files present and validate the different fie...Amit Daniel Kachhap
2012-05-02add cpuidle_02 and cpuidle_03 testsDaniel Lezcano
2012-03-23 comments for switch on/off each test added.Zhang Hongbo
2012-03-23 integrate suspend function into this pm-qaZhang Hongbo
2011-11-15change execution modeDaniel Lezcano
2011-11-15check the cpuidle filesDaniel Lezcano
2011-11-15Add the cpuidle test caseDaniel Lezcano
2011-11-15Fix test.mk when no log is definedDaniel Lezcano
2011-11-15version 0.2.1pm-qa-0.2.1Daniel Lezcano
2011-10-20version 0.2.0pm-qa-0.2.0Daniel Lezcano
2011-10-04change execution modeDaniel Lezcano