AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-04add string 'skip' to sanity messageHEADmasterSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-08-18Version 0.4.13Lisa Nguyen
2014-08-13Simplify code to obtain number of cpus for a platformLisa Nguyen
2014-08-13Test.mk: Fix make error 1 issuesLisa Nguyen
2014-08-08Remove increment variables from check functionLisa Nguyen
2014-08-06android: move pmqa to system/bin pathSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-08-06Refactor pass/fail/skip code in PM-QALisa Nguyen
2014-08-06cpufreq: consider sampling rate to calculate scaling timeSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-08-04suspend: use generic function to check root userSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-22thermal: Make subtest results message consistentLisa Nguyen
2014-07-17Version 0.4.12Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-16cpuidle: increase wait time for child to finishSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-08thermal: change result string to standard for check_valid_tempSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-08misc: add path in checkfile functionSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-08cpuhotplug: increase the cpuhotplug cyclesSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-08cpuhotplug: don't skip test if there is failureSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-07fix: add Err string for timeoutSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-07thermal: skip if there are no cooling devicesSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-07-04cpuhotplug: enable cpuhotplug on cpu0Lisa Nguyen
2014-06-24cpuhotplug: update sanity file for uniprocessor sytemSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-06-19Version 0.4.11Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-06-10cpufreq: execute subtest completelySanjay Singh Rawat
2014-06-10Fix taskset bad parameter in cpuhotplug_04.shDaniel Lezcano
2014-05-20Revert "pmqa: cpuidle: add test to check cpuidle statistics"Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-05-16Version 0.4.10Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-05-16cpu-heat: fix miscellaneous issueMeraj
2014-05-12cpuidle: add cpu number in the cpuidle_killer logs for readabilitySanjay Singh Rawat
2014-05-04cpuidle_killer: allocate per cpu process array dynamicallySanjay Singh Rawat
2014-04-25update readme fileSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-04-22Version 0.4.9Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-04-22cpuhotplug: add method to check uevents in userspaceSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-04-11suspend: generate sanity file for androidSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-03-20Version 0.4.8Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-03-20remove test status function from sanity fileSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-03-19suspend: add message log fileSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-03-19suspend: add suspend sanity testSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-02-20Version 0.4.7Sanjay Singh Rawat
2014-02-20test feature supported before running suiteSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-02-20add common function to check the useridSanjay Singh Rawat
2014-02-20cpuhotplug: skip hotplug check for cpu0Sanjay Singh Rawat
2013-12-18Version 0.4.6Sanjay Singh Rawat
2013-12-15change options for numerical comparisionSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-11-28cpuhotplug: parse type as netlink for udevadmSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-11-22cpuhotplug: wait for udevadm to startSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-11-21cpufreq: for per-policy freq governor change the pathSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-11-18Version 0.4.5Sanjay Singh Rawat
2013-09-26readme: add a link to the test specification wikiAmit Kucheria
2013-09-26readme: remove obsolete test from exampleSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-09-25thermal: include source for test_status_showSanjay Singh Rawat
2013-09-19Version 0.4.4Sanjay Singh Rawat