General Info
- In order to run the tests, invoke as root:

	make check

- If you want the test suite to continue when one error has been found, do:

	make -k check

- If you want to run a subset of the tests, do:

	make -C cpufreq check

- The test specifications can be found at


Other info
- PM-QA is one of the tools in the external opensource modules in the external
  path of android. For building on android, the makefile Android.mk is used to
  build the testsuite with a makefile for each subtest.
- Incase you are extending a subtest, say a new script which will test a
  feature. Add the test number in the Android.mk, in addition to this if its
  using a source file (say .c), add the source file in the Android.mk so that
  it gets built.
- LAVA scripts are used to trigger the pm-qa tests.
- Similarly for non-android adding a script and txt (test description) pair is
  needed to extent the suite.