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masterREADME: updatesAmit Kucheria13 months
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2018-03-15README: updatesHEADmasterAmit Kucheria
2018-03-14control: stop the intermediate compilationAmit Kucheria
2018-03-13Remove old branches from control fileAmit Kucheria
2018-03-07add distro.config config fragmentsAmit Kucheria
2018-02-27help script to push merge result to g.l.o for kernelci buildAmit Kucheria
2018-02-27renable the audio branchAmit Kucheria
2018-02-27rm setup_build: all setup is now done in envsetup.shAmit Kucheria
2018-02-27control: add tz-pil branch for 8064 audioSrinivas Kandagatla
2018-02-15control: Re-enable the fixes branch after a rebaseAmit Kucheria
2018-02-14control: combine sdm845 control file with the one for 410c and 820cAmit Kucheria