BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
androidset version number to "0.2"Shaojie Sun6 years
lcu13and ipi irq wakeup source.Shaojie Sun5 years
lcu13-2add ipi irq wakeup source.shaojie.sun5 years
masterAdd output-file/-o parameter to get output file name.Shaojie Sun5 years
idlestat-0.2idlestat-0.2.tar.gz  Shaojie Sun6 years
idlestat-0.1idlestat-0.1.tar.gz  Daniel Lezcano6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-11-27Add output-file/-o parameter to get output file name.HEADmasterShaojie Sun
2013-11-27Add ipi irq wakeup source.Shaojie Sun
2013-11-27Find source of wakeup irqShaojie Sun
2013-09-22set version number to "0.2"idlestat-0.2Shaojie Sun
2013-09-18Build idlestat tool on Android platform.Shaojie Sun
2013-09-10Set version option -V and version numberidlestat-0.1Daniel Lezcano
2013-09-10remove dependency on libncursesDaniel Lezcano
2013-09-10Add cpu topology infoShaojie Sun
2013-09-06Adjust codes to different files.Shaojie Sun
2013-09-02Remove content of this file as we no longer depend on trace-cmd.Daniel Lezcano