BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cronwip: misc: crontab sampleAmit Kucheria10 months
develci-merge: Remove the terminal() functionAmit Kucheria9 months
masterci-blame: Whitespace cleanupsAmit Kucheria12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-23ci-blame: Whitespace cleanupsHEADmasterAmit Kucheria
2018-04-23ci-merge: handle the case of a dirty local git treeAmit Kucheria
2018-04-20ci-merge: Don't try to make manual merge if no DISPLAYAníbal Limón
2018-04-17ci-merge: Add support for push integ history branchAníbal Limón
2018-04-17ci-{config, report, test}: Add support to specify settings from outsideAníbal Limón
2018-04-03ci-merge: Add a timestamp to old integration treesAmit Kucheria
2018-04-03Use the generic x-terminal-emulator where available instead of forcing xtermAmit Kucheria
2018-04-03ci-merge: Correctly print the URL and BRANCH name of the remote being deletedAmit Kucheria
2018-04-03config sample: better describe the sample configuration fileAmit Kucheria
2018-03-28Change the hidden configuration directory name to .automergeDaniel Lezcano