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mastergenerator: usage: take appname from shellAnders Roxell3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-09-08generator: usage: take appname from shellHEADmasterAnders Roxell
2016-09-08setup_odp_example: echo to say apt-get done for ODPAnders Roxell
2016-09-08setup_odp_example: change ODP_NAME to ODPLIB_NAME to match the MakefileAnders Roxell
2016-09-08Makefile: fix help textAnders Roxell
2016-09-08setup_odp_example.sh make sudo request for PW visableMike Holmes
2016-09-08setup_odp_example.sh detrmin the correct distributionMike Holmes
2016-09-08setup_odp_example: change the pre-req to be apt-get installAnders Roxell
2016-09-08setup_odp_example.sh, add pre req for lsb_releaseMike Holmes
2016-09-08Makefile: add a default rule with help textAnders Roxell
2016-09-08l2fwd: pull latest changes from odpAnders Roxell