BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
demo_soscon2015disable cachechunseok lee3 years
gh-pagesUpdate the webpage (#2765)Robert Fancsik8 weeks
gh-pages-jrs2017-slidesAdd slides of the JrS2017 workshopAkos Kiss19 months
jerryscript-release-1.0.0Add documentation to port APILászló Langó3 years
masterAdd missing jerry_release_value by calling jerry_set_property and jerry_set_p...jerry-weng41 hours
variables_listList scope chain levels and their variables to the selected stack frame.Robert Sipka7 months
v1.0jerryscript-1.0.tar.gz  László Langó3 years
v1.0-RC2jerryscript-1.0-RC2.tar.gz  Zsolt Borbély3 years
v1.0-RC1jerryscript-1.0-RC1.tar.gz  Akos Kiss3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
41 hoursAdd missing jerry_release_value by calling jerry_set_property and jerry_set_p...HEADmasterjerry-weng
42 hoursMinor fixes of the documentation (#2834)László Langó
3 daysRework Map object (#2760)Robert Fancsik
3 daysUpdated the API reference (#2828)László Langó
4 daysImplement DataView builtin (#2804)Robert Fancsik
4 daysAllow the JS objects to have more than one native pointer data (#2814)Robert Fancsik
4 daysUse custom dispatcher for Global object's routines (#2794)Robert Fancsik
7 daysAdd endian set for default toolchain (#2808)lidija-b
8 daysIncrease branch coverage: Array.prototype functions (#2796)Mate Dabis
8 daysIdentifiers should be stored in the lexical environment if argument object ne...Robert Fancsik