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2014-10-098059811: Turn off optimistic typing by default and add both ant test-pessimis...lagergren
2014-10-098059236: Memory leak when executing octane pdfjs with optimistic typinghannesw
2014-09-258025435: Optimistic builtins support, implemented initial optimistic versions...lagergren
2014-09-228047764: Indexed or polymorphic set on global affects Object.prototypehannesw
2014-09-228058561: NPE in LocalVariableTypesCalculatorattila
2014-09-178058615: Overload resolution ambiguity involving ConsStringsundar
2014-09-168058545: With strict mode, bean property assignment of a non-existent propert...sundar
2014-09-158056978: ClassCastException: cannot cast jdk.nashorn.internal.scripts.JO*hannesw
2014-09-158058422: Users should be able to overwrite "context" and "engine" variablessundar
2014-09-128057743: Single quotes must be escaped in message resource filehannesw
2014-09-118058179: Global constants get in the way of self-modifying propertieshannesw
2014-09-118057021: UserAccessorProperty guards fail with multiple globalshannesw
2014-09-048057019: Various problems with extra arguments to applieslagergren
2014-09-098057930: remove eval IDattila
2014-09-088057678: Tests for let and const keywords in Nashornyan
2014-09-088057148: Skip nested functions on reparseattila
2014-09-048056129: AtomicInteger is treated as primitive number with optimistic compila...attila
2014-09-088057742: ant clean test should not fail if one or more external test suites a...sundar
2014-09-048051889: Implement block scoping in symbol assignment and scope computationhannesw
2014-08-278056123: Anonymous function statements leak internal function names into glob...sundar
2014-08-278056094: [nashorn] tests fail when running via jtregsundar
2014-08-278055870: iteration fails if index var is not usedattila
2014-08-268056052: Source.getContent() does excess Object.clone()attila
2014-08-268056050: runExternalJsTest method in test/jdk/nashorn/internal/runtime/ClassF...sundar
2014-08-268055811: Tests for Nashorn ClassFilter Supportyan
2014-08-258055899: Two nashorn tests fail in 8u40 nightly build with ClassNotFoundExcep...sundar
2014-08-258055830: JDK-8015969.js is silently failingsundar
2014-08-228055796: JSObject and browser JSObject linkers should provide fallback to cal...sundar
2014-08-218055762: Nashorn misses linker for netscape.javascript.JSObject instancessundar
2014-08-218055687: Wrong "this" passed to JSObject.eval callsundar
2014-08-208050078: Nashorn ClassFilter Supportsundar
2014-08-208027043: Turn global accesses into MethodHandle.constant, with one chance of ...attila
2014-08-208044638: Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standardsattila
2014-06-118044798: API for debugging Nashornsundar
2014-06-058044695: __stack__ becomes visible in Error propertiessundar
2014-06-048044750: megamorphic getter for scope objects does not call __noSuchProperty_...sundar
2014-06-038044520: Nashorn cannot execute node.js's express modulesundar
2014-06-038044612: StringIndexOutOfBoundException in NativeRegExp.appendReplacementsundar
2014-05-278044000: Access to undefined property yields "null" instead of "undefined"sundar
2014-05-268043930: TypeError when attemping to create an instance of non-public class c...sundar
2014-05-228030202: Nashorn: Multiple RegExp#ignoreCase issueshannesw
2014-05-208043443: Test framework changes to run script tests without security managersundar
2014-02-118033231: test fails with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkErrormnunez
2014-05-068042364: Make __proto__ ES6 draft compliantsundar
2014-05-068041998: RegExp implementation is not thread-safehannesw
2014-04-258040078: Avoid repeated reading of source for cached loadshannesw
2014-05-028027933: Add --const-as-var optionsundar
2014-04-148030200: Wrong result for Number.prototype.toString() for certain radix/inputshannesw
2014-04-148030199: Nashorn: Uint8ClampedArray - Incorrect ToUint8Clamp implementationhannesw