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2014-10-098059811: Turn off optimistic typing by default and add both ant test-pessimis...lagergren
2014-10-098059938: NPE restoring cached script with optimistic types disabledhannesw
2014-10-068059231: Verify that octane raytrace now works with optimistic types turned o...lagergren
2014-10-028059346: Single class loader is used to load compiled bytecodeattila
2014-09-298059321: Decrease warmup time by caching common structures that were reused d...lagergren
2014-09-258025435: Optimistic builtins support, implemented initial optimistic versions...lagergren
2014-10-018059372: Code duplication in split emitterattila
2014-10-018059371: Code duplication in handling of break and continueattila
2014-10-018059370: Unnecessary work in deoptimizing recompilationattila
2014-09-228047764: Indexed or polymorphic set on global affects Object.prototypehannesw
2014-09-228058561: NPE in LocalVariableTypesCalculatorattila
2014-09-198046202: Make persistent code store more flexiblehannesw
2014-09-178058615: Overload resolution ambiguity involving ConsStringsundar
2014-09-168058545: With strict mode, bean property assignment of a non-existent propert...sundar
2014-09-158056978: ClassCastException: cannot cast jdk.nashorn.internal.scripts.JO*hannesw
2014-09-158058422: Users should be able to overwrite "context" and "engine" variablessundar
2014-09-128058304: Non-serializable fields in serializable classeshannesw
2014-09-128057743: Single quotes must be escaped in message resource filehannesw
2014-09-118058179: Global constants get in the way of self-modifying propertieshannesw
2014-09-118057021: UserAccessorProperty guards fail with multiple globalshannesw
2014-09-118058100: Reduce the RecompilableScriptFunctionData footprintattila
2014-09-108057703: More empty classes generated by Nashornlagergren
2014-09-058057588: Lots of trivial (empty) classes were generated by the Nashorn compil...lagergren
2014-09-058057611: Nashorn did not dump the JOx classes to disk when running with the -...lagergren
2014-09-048057551: Let the -d flag dump _all_ generated classes to disk and work outsid...lagergren
2014-09-048057019: Various problems with extra arguments to applieslagergren
2014-09-108034954: Optimistic iteration in for-in and for-eachattila
2014-09-098057931: Instead of not skipping small functions in parser, make lexer avoid ...attila
2014-09-098057930: remove eval IDattila
2014-09-088057148: Skip nested functions on reparseattila
2014-09-048056129: AtomicInteger is treated as primitive number with optimistic compila...attila
2014-09-048051889: Implement block scoping in symbol assignment and scope computationhannesw
2014-09-038056913: Limit the size of type info cache on diskattila
2014-08-288056243: OptimisticTypePersistence should refuse to work in symlinked directo...attila
2014-08-278056123: Anonymous function statements leak internal function names into glob...sundar
2014-08-268056025: CompilationPhase.setStates() is hot in class installation phaseattila
2014-08-268056052: Source.getContent() does excess Object.clone()attila
2014-08-268055954: Do not parallelize class installationattila
2014-08-268055923: collect timings using System.nanoTimeattila
2014-08-268055913: Node.hashCode() delegates to Object.hashCode() and is hotattila
2014-08-268055911: Don't use String.intern for IdentNodeattila
2014-08-278055870: iteration fails if index var is not usedattila
2014-08-268055906: Avoid throwing an exception with filled in stack trace as part of th...lagergren
2014-08-228055796: JSObject and browser JSObject linkers should provide fallback to cal...sundar
2014-08-218055762: Nashorn misses linker for netscape.javascript.JSObject instancessundar
2014-08-218055687: Wrong "this" passed to JSObject.eval callsundar
2014-08-208050078: Nashorn ClassFilter Supportsundar
2014-08-208027043: Turn global accesses into MethodHandle.constant, with one chance of ...attila
2014-08-208044638: Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standardsattila