path: root/src/jdk/nashorn/internal/runtime/resources/Options.properties
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2014-10-098059811: Turn off optimistic typing by default and add both ant test-pessimis...lagergren
2014-10-068059231: Verify that octane raytrace now works with optimistic types turned o...lagergren
2014-09-048051889: Implement block scoping in symbol assignment and scope computationhannesw
2014-08-208027043: Turn global accesses into MethodHandle.constant, with one chance of ...attila
2014-05-028027933: Add --const-as-var optionsundar
2014-04-028038638: Persistent store for compiled scriptshannesw
2013-08-238023454: Updated DEVELOPER_README and command line flags, ensuring that undoc...lagergren
2013-08-228023560: Arbitrary javax.script.Bindings objects as ENGINE_SCOPE objects are ...sundar
2013-08-218023368: Instance __proto__ property should exist and be writable.sundar
2013-07-088020015: shared PropertyMaps should not be used without duplicationsundar
2013-06-178016550: nashorn.option.no.syntax.extensions has the wrong defaultsundar
2013-05-278015352: "i".toUpperCase() => currently returns "İ", but should be "I" (with...sundar
2013-05-208006069: Range analysis first iteration, runtime specializationslagergren
2013-05-038013871: mem usage histograms enabled with compiler logging level set to more...lagergren
2013-05-038013477: Node.setSymbol needs to be copy on write - enable IR snapshots for r...lagergren
2013-04-298008814: Configurable ignore/warning/error behavior for function declaration ...attila
2013-04-248012251: jjs should support -fx optionjlaskey
2013-04-038007774: Enable code cache againhannesw
2013-03-128009718: Lazy execution architecture continued - ScriptFunctionData is either...lagergren
2013-01-288006983: Introduce a command line option to switch off syntactic extensions o...sundar
2013-01-048005663: Update copyright year to 2013jlaskey
2012-12-218005403: Open-source Nashornjlaskey