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2014-09-258025435: Optimistic builtins support, implemented initial optimistic versions...lagergren
2014-08-218055687: Wrong "this" passed to JSObject.eval callsundar
2014-08-208027043: Turn global accesses into MethodHandle.constant, with one chance of ...attila
2014-08-208044638: Tidy up Nashorn codebase for code standardsattila
2014-05-308044415: ant makefile should have a target to generate javadoc only for jdk.n...sundar
2014-05-078042600: Add more samples in nashorn/samples directorysundar
2013-06-128016453: loadWithNewGlobal does not allow apply operationjlaskey
2013-01-048005663: Update copyright year to 2013jlaskey
2012-12-218005403: Open-source Nashornjlaskey