AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-02Added tag jdk8u40-b20 for changeset 4d240320929fjdk8u40-b21asaha
2014-12-17Added tag jdk8u40-b19 for changeset 6ec61d249428jdk8u40-b20katleman
2014-12-118067219: NPE in ScriptObject.clone() when running with object fieldshannesw
2014-12-118066669: dust.js performance regression caused by primitive field conversionhannesw
2014-12-118066932: __noSuchMethod__ binds to this-object without proper guardhannesw
2014-12-10Added tag jdk8u40-b18 for changeset 653739706172katleman
2014-12-108066221: anonymous function statement name clashes with another symbolattila
2014-12-108066236: RuntimeNode forces copy creation on visitationattila
2014-12-108066224: fixes for folding a constant-test ternary operatorattila
2014-12-108066225: NPE in MethodEmitter with duplicate integer switch casesattila
2014-12-108067136: BrowserJSObjectLinker does not handle call on JSObjectssundar
2014-12-088066227: CodeGenerator load unitialized slotattila
2014-12-088066230: Undefined object type assertion when computing TypeBoundsattila
2014-12-03Added tag jdk8u40-b17 for changeset 88e22262fdb2jdk8u40-b18katleman
2014-12-038065769: OOM on Window/Solaris in test compile-octane-splitter.jshannesw
2014-12-018057629: Third Party License Readme update for 8u40jeff
2014-11-288057779: Tests failed on Windows when in output contains path to scriptjdk8u40-b17slugovoy
2014-11-288066119: Invalid resource tag used for looking up error message in NativeData...lagergren
2014-11-278051778: support bind on all Nashorn callablesattila
2014-11-278057980: let & const: remaining issues with lexical scopinghannesw
2014-11-278065985: Inlining failure of Number.doubleValue() in JSType.toNumeric() cause...vlivanov
2014-11-26Added tag jdk8u40-b16 for changeset e079f3f6d536asaha
2014-11-258062638: RuntimeException when run command from js with -scripting on Cygwinslugovoy
2014-11-248057691: Nashorn: let & const declarations are not shared between scriptshannesw
2014-11-218064789: Nashorn should just warn on code store instantiation errorhannesw
2014-11-19Added tag jdk8u40-b15 for changeset fc37699ddc0ejdk8u40-b16katleman
2014-11-178049407: Endianness problem with TypedArrayslagergren
2014-11-12Added tag jdk8u40-b14 for changeset 7e34104c55cakatleman
2014-11-128064707: Remove NativeArray link logic fieldsattila
2014-11-138062937: Need to block constant assumption for index setters and defineOwnPro...lagergren
2014-11-128063036: Various pretty printing issues with --log=recompilelagergren
2014-11-128035312: Various array and ScriptObject length issues for non writable length...lagergren
2014-11-128063037: ApplySpecialization.hasApplies shouuld not descend into nested funct...attila
2014-11-118062799: Binary logical expressions can have numeric typesattila
2014-11-118064467: type info persistence failed to calculate directory nameattila
2014-11-05Added tag jdk8u40-b13 for changeset d60fbb5343c1katleman
2014-11-038059443: NPE when unboxing return valuesattila
2014-11-068062308: Incorrect constant linkage with multiple Globals in a Contextattila
2014-11-068062624: java.lang.String methods not available on concatenated stringshannesw
2014-11-058062386: Different versions of nashorn use same code cache directoryhannesw
2014-11-058057825: Bug in apply specialization - if an apply specialization that is ava...lagergren
2014-11-038062490: Out of memory problems, as untouched array datas didn't go directly ...lagergren
2014-11-038061959: ArrayBuffer lacked static isViewMethodlagergren
2014-11-038062381: Wrong index was used for linking charCodeAt specializationslagergren