AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-26Added tag jdk8-b109 for changeset 6ec2f9e5ed5bcl
2013-09-268025486: RegExp constructor arguments are not evaluated in right orderhannesw
2013-09-268025197: String replace method fails with regexp /$/gihannesw
2013-09-258025434: RegExp lastIndex can exceed int rangehannesw
2013-09-258025325: parseFloat does not handle '.' in exponent partsundar
2013-09-248025312: parseInt should convert 'radix' argument to ToInt32 even if empty st...sundar
2013-09-218025163: Date methods should not return -0hannesw
2013-09-208025149: JSON.stringify does not handle 'space' argument as per the spec.sundar
2013-09-208025147: Trailing comma is not allowed in JSONArray and JSONObjectsundar
2013-09-208022587: ClassCache is not optimal and leaks Source instanceshannesw
2013-09-208025111: undefined or null 'with' expression in empty with block should throw...sundar
2013-09-198025090: 'while' statement with 'test' using var before being declared in bod...sundar
2013-09-19Added tag jdk8-b108 for changeset 445ad3f6d3b4jdk8-b109cl
2013-09-198025080: Object literal getter, setter function with number format property n...sundar
2013-09-198023154: compileAllTests fails with: 2 tests failed to compilehannesw
2013-09-198025048: true as case label results in ClassCastExceptionsundar
2013-09-188024973: Using a different ScriptContext with a CompiledScript results in Scr...sundar
2013-09-188024972: for (LeftHandSideExpression in Expression) crashes the compilersundar
2013-09-168024846: keep separate internal arguments variableattila
2013-09-168024847: Java.to should accept mirror and external JSObjects as array-like ob...sundar
2013-09-138024619: JDBC java.sql.DriverManager is not usable from JS scriptsundar
2013-09-12Added tag jdk8-b107 for changeset f35e1255024bcl
2013-09-128024693: Various minor issues with JSONWriter used by script parser APIsundar
2013-09-128024512: Regex /[^\[]/ doesn't matchhannesw
2013-09-128024476: Octane regression on Richardshannesw
2013-09-118024644: PluggableJSObject.iteratingJSObjectTest fails with jdk8-tl buildsundar
2013-09-118024615: Refactor ScriptObjectMirror and JSObject to support external JSObjec...sundar
2013-09-118024130: We no longer need slots for temporaries in self-assign indicesattila
2013-09-108024539: FX Libraries update missing filejlaskey
2013-09-098024397: Nashorn FX Libraries need to be finalized.jlaskey
2013-09-098024180: Incorrect handling of expression and parent scope in 'with' statementssundar
2013-09-058024255: When a keyword is used as object property name, the property can not...sundar
2013-09-05Added tag jdk8-b106 for changeset bf70cbd2c836jdk8-b107cl
2013-09-048024174: Setting __proto__ property in Object literal should be supportedsundar
2013-09-048024120: Setting __proto__ to null removes the __proto__ propertysundar
2013-08-29Added tag jdk8-b105 for changeset f484bfb624ddcl
2013-08-278023784: Object.prototype.toString should contain the class name for all inst...sundar
2013-08-278023780: Gracefully handle @CS methods while binding bean propertiesattila
2013-08-278022773: ScriptEngineTest.printManyTest failssundar