AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-05Fix compilation issue on Debianbranch-3.1Naresh Bhat
2018-06-05HDFS-13545. "guarded" is misspelled as "gaurded" in Ajisaka
2018-06-04HDFS-13650. Randomize baseDir for MiniDFSCluster in TestDFSStripedInputStream...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HDFS-13649. Randomize baseDir for MiniDFSCluster in TestReconstructStripedFil...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HDFS-13652. Randomize baseDir for MiniDFSCluster in TestBlockScanner. Contrib...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HADOOP-15137. ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.api.Distr...Bharat Viswanadham
2018-06-04YARN-8365. Set DNS query type according to client request.Eric Yang
2018-06-04YARN-4677. RMNodeResourceUpdateEvent update from scheduler can lead to race c...Robert Kanter
2018-06-04MAPREDUCE-7105. Fix TestNativeCollectorOnlyHandler.testOnCall on Windows beca...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04YARN-8382. cgroup file leak in NM. Contributed by Hu Ziqian.Miklos Szegedi
2018-06-04YARN-8389. Improve the description of machine-list property in Federation doc...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HDFS-13281 Namenode#createFile should be /.reserved/raw/ aware.. Contributed ...Rushabh Shah
2018-06-04HDFS-13155. BlockPlacementPolicyDefault.chooseTargetInOrder Not Checking Retu...Wei-Chiu Chuang
2018-06-03HDFS-13339. Volume reference can't be released and may lead to deadlock when ...Xiao Chen
2018-06-04YARN-8276. [UI2] After version field became mandatory, form-based submission ...Sunil G
2018-06-02MAPREDUCE-7102. Fix TestJavaSerialization for Windows due a mismatch line sep...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-02HDFS-13648. Fix TestGetConf#testGetJournalNodes on Windows due to a mismatch ...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-02HDFS-13651. TestReencryptionHandler fails on Windows. Contributed by Anbang Hu.Inigo Goiri
2018-06-02YARN-8342. Enable untrusted docker image to run with launch command. Contribu...Billie Rinaldi
2018-06-02MapReduce JHS should honor yarn.webapp.filter-entity-list-by-user(addendum). ...Rohith Sharma K S
2018-06-02More YARN pages need to honor yarn.resourcemanager.display.per-user-apps(adde...Rohith Sharma K S
2018-06-01HDFS-13637. RBF: Router fails when threadIndex (in ConnectionPool) wraps arou...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-01YARN-8349. Remove YARN registry entries when a service is killed by the RM. (...Wangda Tan
2018-06-01YARN-8372. Distributed shell app master should not release containers when sh...Wangda Tan
2018-06-01YARN-7962. Race Condition When Stopping DelegationTokenRenewer causes RM cras...Wangda Tan
2018-06-01YARN-8384. stdout.txt, stderr.txt logs of a launched docker container is comi...Wangda Tan
2018-06-01HDFS-13636. Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in HttpServer2Daniel Templeton
2018-05-31HDFS-13582. Improve backward compatibility for HDFS-13176 (WebHdfs file path ...Sean Mackrory
2018-05-31YARN-8308. Fixed YARN Service AM failure with HDFS token renewal.Eric Yang
2018-05-31HDFS-13602. Add checkOperation(WRITE) checks in FSNamesystem. Contributed by ...Chao Sun
2018-05-31YARN-8197. Fixed AM IP Filter and Webapp proxy to redirect app tracking-URLs ...Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli (I am also known as @tshooter.)
2018-05-31HDFS-12978. Fine-grained locking while consuming journal stream. Contributed ...Konstantin V Shvachko
2018-05-31HDFS-13631. TestDFSAdmin#testCheckNumOfBlocksInReportCommand should use a sep...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-31YARN-8333. Load balance YARN services using RegistryDNS multiple A records. C...Billie Rinaldi
2018-05-31YARN-8367. Fix NPE in SingleConstraintAppPlacementAllocator when placement co...Weiwei Yang
2018-05-30YARN-8350. NPE in service AM related to placement policy. Contributed by Gour...Billie Rinaldi
2018-05-30YARN-8368. yarn app start cli should print applicationId. Contributed by Rohi...Billie Rinaldi
2018-05-30YARN-8377: Javadoc build failed in hadoop-yarn-server-nodemanager. Contribute...Eric E Payne
2018-05-30HDFS-13629. Some tests in TestDiskBalancerCommand fail on Windows due to Mini...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-30HDFS-13632. Randomize baseDir for MiniJournalCluster in MiniQJMHACluster for ...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-29YARN-8362. Bugfix logic in container retries in node manager.Eric Yang
2018-05-29Additional check when unpacking archives. Contributed by Wilfred Spiegelenburg.Kihwal Lee
2018-05-29YARN-8329. Docker client configuration can still be set incorrectly. Contribu...Jason Lowe
2018-05-29YARN-8369. Javadoc build failed due to 'bad use of >'. (Takanobu Asanuma via ...Wangda Tan
2018-05-29YARN-8339. Service AM should localize static/archive resource types to contai...Wangda Tan
2018-05-29HADOOP-15497. TestTrash should use proper test path to avoid failing on Windo...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-29YARN-8338. TimelineService V1.5 doesn't come up after HADOOP-15406. Contribut...Jason Lowe
2018-05-28HADOOP-15498. TestHadoopArchiveLogs (#testGenerateScript, #testPrepareWorking...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-28HDFS-13591. TestDFSShell#testSetrepLow fails on Windows. Contributed by Anban...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-28HDFS-13627. TestErasureCodingExerciseAPIs fails on Windows. Contributed by An...Inigo Goiri