AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-05Fix compilation issue on Debianbranch-3.0Naresh Bhat
2018-06-05HDFS-13545. "guarded" is misspelled as "gaurded" in Ajisaka
2018-06-04HDFS-13650. Randomize baseDir for MiniDFSCluster in TestDFSStripedInputStream...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HDFS-13649. Randomize baseDir for MiniDFSCluster in TestReconstructStripedFil...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HDFS-13652. Randomize baseDir for MiniDFSCluster in TestBlockScanner. Contrib...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04HADOOP-15137. ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.api.Distr...Bharat Viswanadham
2018-06-04YARN-4677. RMNodeResourceUpdateEvent update from scheduler can lead to race c...Robert Kanter
2018-06-04MAPREDUCE-7105. Fix TestNativeCollectorOnlyHandler.testOnCall on Windows beca...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-04YARN-8382. cgroup file leak in NM. Contributed by Hu Ziqian.Miklos Szegedi
2018-06-04HDFS-13281 Namenode#createFile should be /.reserved/raw/ aware.. Contributed ...Rushabh Shah
2018-06-04HDFS-13155. BlockPlacementPolicyDefault.chooseTargetInOrder Not Checking Retu...Wei-Chiu Chuang
2018-06-03HDFS-13339. Volume reference can't be released and may lead to deadlock when ...Xiao Chen
2018-06-02MAPREDUCE-7102. Fix TestJavaSerialization for Windows due a mismatch line sep...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-02HDFS-13651. TestReencryptionHandler fails on Windows. Contributed by Anbang Hu.Inigo Goiri
2018-06-01HDFS-13637. RBF: Router fails when threadIndex (in ConnectionPool) wraps arou...Inigo Goiri
2018-06-01HDFS-13636. Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in HttpServer2Daniel Templeton
2018-05-31HDFS-13602. Add checkOperation(WRITE) checks in FSNamesystem. Contributed by ...Chao Sun
2018-05-31HDFS-12978. Fine-grained locking while consuming journal stream. Contributed ...Konstantin V Shvachko
2018-05-30HDFS-13632. Randomize baseDir for MiniJournalCluster in MiniQJMHACluster for ...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-29Preparing for 3.0.4 developmentYongjun Zhang
2018-05-29Additional check when unpacking archives. Contributed by Wilfred Spiegelenburg.Kihwal Lee
2018-05-29YARN-8338. TimelineService V1.5 doesn't come up after HADOOP-15406. Contribut...Jason Lowe
2018-05-29HADOOP-15497. TestTrash should use proper test path to avoid failing on Windo...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-28HADOOP-15498. TestHadoopArchiveLogs (#testGenerateScript, #testPrepareWorking...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-28HDFS-13591. TestDFSShell#testSetrepLow fails on Windows. Contributed by Anban...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-28YARN-4781. Support intra-queue preemption for fairness ordering policy. Contr...Sunil G
2018-05-28HADOOP-15449. Increase default timeout of ZK session to avoid frequent NameNo...Karthik Palanisamy
2018-05-25HDFS-13620. Randomize the test directory path for TestHDFSFileSystemContract....Inigo Goiri
2018-05-25HDFS-13619. TestAuditLoggerWithCommands fails on Windows. Contributed by Anba...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-25HADOOP-15473. Configure serialFilter in KeyProvider to avoid UnrecoverableKey...Xiao Chen
2018-05-25HDFS-13618. Fix TestDataNodeFaultInjector test failures on Windows. Contribut...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-24YARN-8310. Handle old NMTokenIdentifier, AMRMTokenIdentifier, and ContainerTo...Miklos Szegedi
2018-05-24HDFS-13611. Unsafe use of Text as a ConcurrentHashMap key in PBHelperClient.Andrew Wang
2018-05-24YARN-8346. Upgrading to 3.1 kills running containers with error 'Opportunisti...Rohith Sharma K S
2018-05-23YARN-8327. Fix TestAggregatedLogFormat#testReadAcontainerLogs1 on Windows. Co...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-23HADOOP-15486. Make NetworkTopology#netLock fair. Contributed by Nanda kumar.Arpit Agarwal
2018-05-23YARN-8344. Missing nm.stop() in TestNodeManagerResync to fix testKillContaine...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-23HDFS-13493. Reduce the HttpServer2 thread count on DataNodes. Contributed by ...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-23HDFS-13587. TestQuorumJournalManager fails on Windows. Contributed by Anbang Hu.Inigo Goiri
2018-05-23HDFS-13588. Fix TestFsDatasetImpl test failures on Windows. Contributed by Xi...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-23HDFS-13540. DFSStripedInputStream should only allocate new buffers when readi...Sammi Chen
2018-05-23Additional check when unpacking archives. Contributed by Jason Lowe and Akira...Akira Ajisaka
2018-05-22HDFS-13601. Optimize ByteString conversions in PBHelper.Andrew Wang
2018-05-22HADOOP-15450. Avoid fsync storm triggered by DiskChecker and handle disk full...Kihwal Lee
2018-05-22YARN-8232. RMContainer lost queue name when RM HA happens. (Hu Ziqian via wan...Wangda Tan
2018-05-21YARN-8179: Preemption does not happen due to natural_termination_factor when ...Eric E Payne
2018-05-21Skip the proxy user check if the ugi has not been initialized. Contributed by...Rushabh Shah
2018-05-19HDFS-12813. RequestHedgingProxyProvider can hide Exception thrown from the N...Tsz-Wo Nicholas Sze
2018-05-18HDFS-13593. TestBlockReaderLocalLegacy#testBlockReaderLocalLegacyWithAppend f...Inigo Goiri
2018-05-18HDFS-13592. TestNameNodePrunesMissingStorages#testNameNodePrunesUnreportedSto...Inigo Goiri