BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bigtop-aarchRevert "BIGTOP-2839. Bump Hadoop version to 2.7.4"Konstantin Boudnik21 months
ci-fixupAdded aarch64 support in leveldbjni as upstream doesn't do this.Jun He2 years
erp17.08Disable default bigtop repo installation for DebianJun He21 months
erp17.08-masterMerge branch 'erp17.08' of ssh://git.linaro.org/leg/bigdata/bigtop-trunkGanesh Raju21 months
erp18.06Add explicit env for HBase smoke testJun He10 months
masterBIGTOP-3031: correct script to find lasted mvn versionArtem Eluferev10 months
naresh-ci-fixupRebased lucene-solr upstream patch to fix openjdk-8u_121 build issueJun He23 months
naresh-erp17.08BIGTOP-2787: Add centos 7 aarch64 bigtop slavesNaresh Bhat21 months
naresh-erp17.08-branch-1.2Merge branch 'erp17.08' of ssh://git.linaro.org/leg/bigdata/bigtop-trunkGanesh Raju21 months
yuqi-ci-fixupFix the failures of CI building hbase on AArch64Yibo Cai2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-28BIGTOP-3031: correct script to find lasted mvn versionHEADmasterArtem Eluferev
2018-06-13BIGTOP-3045: Remove insecure maven repository URL from gradle configOlaf Flebbe
2018-06-13BIGTOP-3035: Provisioner failed because init is missed in Debian-9Jun He
2018-06-12BIGTOP-3042: HDFS TestHDFSQuota doesn't match Hadoop's definitionJun He
2018-06-11BIGTOP-3040: Solr's default configsets doesn't work with smoke test casesJun He
2018-06-11BIGTOP-2818: Ambari downloads jdkJun He
2018-06-09BIGTOP-3044: Fix docker build command for simple shOlaf Flebbe
2018-06-08BIGTOP-3043: Hide workaround for docker defect on aarch64 in build.shOlaf Flebbe
2018-06-06BIGTOP-3037: Download maven securelyOlaf Flebbe
2018-06-06BIGTOP-3041: Failed to init hadoop hdfs using init-hdfs.shJun He