path: root/drivers/cpufreq/s5pv210-cpufreq.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-01Merge tag 'armsoc-drivers' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2016-07-07cpufreq: Reuse new freq-table helpersViresh Kumar
2016-06-22cpufreq: s5pv210: use relaxed IO accesorsBen Dooks
2016-06-09cpufreq: Return index from cpufreq_frequency_table_target()Viresh Kumar
2016-06-09cpufreq: Drop freq-table param to cpufreq_frequency_table_target()Viresh Kumar
2016-04-09cpufreq: Use consistent prefixing via pr_fmtJoe Perches
2016-04-09cpufreq: Convert printk(KERN_<LEVEL> to pr_<level>Joe Perches
2016-01-25cpufreq: s5pv210: remove superfluous CONFIG_PM ifdefsBartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2015-11-05cpufreq: s5pv210-cpufreq: fix wrong do_div() usageNicolas Pitre
2015-06-16drivers/cpufreq: Convert non-modular s5pv210-cpufreq.c to use builtin_platfor...Paul Gortmaker
2014-10-20cpufreq: drop owner assignment from platform_driversWolfram Sang
2014-10-03cpufreq: cpu0: rename driver and internals to 'cpufreq_dt'Viresh Kumar
2014-08-28cpufreq: s5pv210: Remove spurious __init annotationMark Brown
2014-07-19cpufreq: s5pv210: Make the driver multiplatform awareTomasz Figa
2014-05-27cpufreq: s5pv210: drop check for CONFIG_PM_VERBOSEPaul Bolle
2014-04-07cpufreq: create another field .flags in cpufreq_frequency_tableViresh Kumar
2014-03-06cpufreq: s5pv210: Use cpufreq_generic_suspend()Viresh Kumar
2014-01-17cpufreq: introduce cpufreq_generic_get() routineViresh Kumar
2014-01-06cpufreq: Mark ARM drivers with CPUFREQ_NEED_INITIAL_FREQ_CHECK flagViresh Kumar
2013-10-31cpufreq: move freq change notifications to cpufreq coreViresh Kumar
2013-10-25cpufreq: Implement light weight ->target_index() routineViresh Kumar
2013-10-16cpufreq: s5pv210: use cpufreq_generic_init()Viresh Kumar
2013-10-16cpufreq: s5pv210: don't initialize part of policy set by coreViresh Kumar
2013-10-16cpufreq: s5pv210: Use generic cpufreq routinesViresh Kumar
2013-09-30cpufreq: s5pv210: use cpufreq_table_validate_and_show()Viresh Kumar
2013-04-02cpufreq: Notify all policy->cpus in cpufreq_notify_transition()Viresh Kumar
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] s5pv210: make needlessly global symbols staticAxel Lin
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] S5PV210: Add reboot notifier to prevent system hangHuisung Kang
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] S5PV210: Adjust udelay prior to voltage scaling downTodd Poynor
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] S5PV210: Lock a mutex while changing the cpu frequencyArve Hjønnevåg
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] S5PV210: Add pm_notifier to prevent system unstableHuisung Kang
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] S5PV210: Add arm/int voltage control supportJonghwan Choi
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] S5PV210: Add additional symantics for "relation" in cpufreq with pmHuisung Kang
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] s5pv210-cpufreq.c: Add missing clk_putJulia Lawall
2011-07-13[CPUFREQ] Move ARM Samsung cpufreq drivers to drivers/cpufreq/Kukjin Kim