path: root/drivers/char/ipmi
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-10Merge tag 'hwparam-20170420' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2017-04-28ipmi/watchdog: fix wdog hang on panic waiting for ipmi responseRobert Lippert
2017-04-20Annotate hardware config module parameters in drivers/char/ipmi/David Howells
2017-04-10ipmi_si: use smi_num for init_nameTony Camuso
2017-04-07ipmi: bt-bmc: Add ast2500 compatible stringJoel Stanley
2017-04-07ipmi_ssif: use setup_timerGeliang Tang
2017-04-07ipmi: Fix kernel panic at ipmi_ssif_thread()Joeseph Chang
2017-03-02sched/headers: Prepare to move signal wakeup & sigpending methods from <linux...Ingo Molnar
2017-02-20ipmi: bt-bmc: Use a regmap for register accessAndrew Jeffery
2017-02-09char: ipmi: constify ipmi_smi_handlers structuresBhumika Goyal
2017-01-05ipmi: make ipmi_usr_hndl constCorey Minyard
2016-12-24Replace <asm/uaccess.h> with <linux/uaccess.h> globallyLinus Torvalds
2016-12-14Merge tag 'for-linus-4.10' of git://git.code.sf.net/p/openipmi/linux-ipmiLinus Torvalds
2016-12-12ipmi: create hardware-independent softdep for ipmi_devintfMartin Wilck
2016-11-24ipmi: Fix sequence number handlingCorey Minyard
2016-11-24ipmi: Pick up slave address from SMBIOS on an ACPI deviceCorey Minyard
2016-11-24ipmi_si: Clean up printksCorey Minyard
2016-11-24Move platform device creation earlier in the initializationCorey Minyard
2016-11-17ipmi/bt-bmc: change compatible node to 'aspeed, ast2400-ibt-bmc'Cédric Le Goater
2016-11-07ipmi_ssif: Remove an unused module parameterCorey Minyard
2016-11-07ipmi: Periodically check for events, not messagesCorey Minyard
2016-10-03ipmi: fix crash on reading version from proc after unregisted bmcXie XiuQi
2016-09-30ipmi/bt-bmc: remove redundant return value check of platform_get_resource()Wei Yongjun
2016-09-29ipmi/bt-bmc: add a dependency on ARCH_ASPEEDCédric Le Goater
2016-09-29ipmi: Fix ioremap error handling in bt-bmcJoel Stanley
2016-09-29ipmi: add an Aspeed BT IPMI BMC driverAlistair Popple
2016-07-27Merge branch 'i2c/for-4.8' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/w...Linus Torvalds
2016-07-27ipmi: remove trydefaults parameter and default initTony Camuso
2016-06-17i2c: add a protocol parameter to the alert callbackBenjamin Tissoires
2016-06-13ipmi: Remove smi_msg from waiting_rcv_msgs list before handle_one_recv_msg()Junichi Nomura
2016-05-16ipmi: Fix the I2C address extraction from SPMI tablesCorey Minyard
2016-05-16IPMI: reserve memio regions separatelyCorey Minyard
2016-05-16ipmi: Fix some minor coding style issuesCorey Minyard
2016-03-22ipmi/watchdog: use nmi_panic() when kernel panics in NMI handlerHidehiro Kawai
2016-03-18ipmi: do not probe ACPI devices if si_tryacpi is unsetJoe Lawrence
2016-03-18ipmi_si: Avoid a wrong long timeout on transaction doneCorey Minyard
2016-03-18ipmi_si: Fix module parameter doc namesCorey Minyard
2016-03-18ipmi_ssif: Fix logic around alert handlingCorey Minyard
2016-02-03ipmi: put acpi.h with the other headersTony Camuso
2016-01-12ipmi: Remove unnecessary pci_disable_device.Dave Jones
2016-01-12char: ipmi: Drop owner assignment from i2c_driverKrzysztof Kozlowski
2016-01-12ipmi: constify some struct and char arraysLABBE Corentin
2015-12-09ipmi: move timer init to before irq is setupJan Stancek
2015-11-16ipmi watchdog : add panic_wdt_timeout parameterJean-Yves Faye
2015-11-15char: ipmi: Move MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() to follow structLuis de Bethencourt
2015-11-15ipmi: Stop the timer immediately if idleCorey Minyard
2015-11-15ipmi: Start the timer and thread on internal msgsCorey Minyard
2015-10-24char: ipmi: ipmi_ssif: Replace timeval with timespec64Amitoj Kaur Chawla
2015-09-03ipmi:ssif: Add a module parm to specify that SMBus alerts don't workCorey Minyard
2015-09-03ipmi: add of_device_id in MODULE_DEVICE_TABLEBrijesh Singh