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2017-05-09arm64: documentation: document tagged pointer stack constraintsKristina Martsenko
2017-04-07Merge tag 'arch-timer-errata-prereq' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ke...Catalin Marinas
2017-04-07arm64: cpu_errata: Add capability to advertise Cortex-A73 erratum 858921Marc Zyngier
2017-03-20arm64: v8.3: Support for weaker release consistencySuzuki K Poulose
2017-03-20arm64: v8.3: Support for complex number instructionsSuzuki K Poulose
2017-03-20arm64: v8.3: Support for Javascript conversion instructionSuzuki K Poulose
2017-03-07irqchip/gicv3-its: Add workaround for QDF2400 ITS erratum 0065Shanker Donthineni
2017-02-10arm64: Work around Falkor erratum 1003Christopher Covington
2017-02-09arm64: arch_timer: document Hisilicon erratum 161010101Ding Tianhong
2017-02-01arm64: Work around Falkor erratum 1009Christopher Covington
2017-01-12arm64: Documentation - Expose CPU feature registersSuzuki K Poulose
2016-10-03Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2016-09-23arm64: arch_timer: Work around QorIQ Erratum A-008585Scott Wood
2016-08-17arm64: Document workaround for Cortex-A72 erratum #853709Marc Zyngier
2016-06-21ARM64: ACPI: Update documentation for latest specification versionAl Stone
2016-06-02irqchip/gicv3-its: numa: Enable workaround for Cavium thunderx erratum 23144Ganapatrao Kulkarni
2016-05-19Merge tag 'iommu-updates-v4.7' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/g...Linus Torvalds
2016-05-03iommu/arm-smmu: Work around MMU-500 prefetch errataRobin Murphy
2016-05-03iommu/arm-smmu: Workaround for ThunderX erratum #27704Tirumalesh Chalamarla
2016-04-14arm64: add the initrd region to the linear mapping explicitlyArd Biesheuvel
2016-02-26arm64: Add workaround for Cavium erratum 27456Andrew Pinski
2016-02-18arm64: allow kernel Image to be loaded anywhere in physical memoryArd Biesheuvel
2015-12-11arm64: Documentation: add list of software workarounds for errataWill Deacon
2015-11-04Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2015-10-19arm64: Add page size to the kernel image headerArd Biesheuvel
2015-10-09arm64: Update booting requirements for GICv3 in GICv2 modeMarc Zyngier
2015-07-29arm64/Documentation: clarify wording regarding memory below the ImageArd Biesheuvel
2015-06-02arm64: use fixmap region for permanent FDT mappingArd Biesheuvel
2015-03-26ARM64 / ACPI: additions of ACPI documentation for arm64Al Stone
2015-03-26Documentation: ACPI for ARM64Graeme Gregory
2015-01-23arm64: Emulate SETEND for AArch32 tasksSuzuki K. Poulose
2014-11-20arm64: Emulate CP15 Barrier instructionsPunit Agrawal
2014-11-20arm64: Port SWP/SWPB emulation support from armPunit Agrawal
2014-11-20arm64: Add framework for legacy instruction emulationPunit Agrawal
2014-10-20Documentation/arm64/memory.txt: fix typoAlex Bennée
2014-08-05Merge tag 'kvm-arm-for-3.17' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Paolo Bonzini
2014-07-23arm64: Add support for 48-bit VA space with 64KB page configurationCatalin Marinas
2014-07-23arm64: Determine the vmalloc/vmemmap space at build time based on VA_BITSCatalin Marinas
2014-07-23arm64: Add a description on 48-bit address space with 4KB pagesJungseok Lee
2014-07-11arm64: boot protocol documentation update for GICv3Marc Zyngier
2014-07-10arm64: Update the Image headerMark Rutland
2014-04-30doc: arm64: add description of EFI stub supportMark Salter
2014-04-08Merge tag 'arm64-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2014-04-07arm64: add early_ioremap supportMark Salter
2014-04-05arm64: Relax the kernel cache requirements for bootCatalin Marinas
2014-02-26arm64: Extend the PCI I/O space to 16MBCatalin Marinas
2013-11-05arm64: Use 42-bit address space with 64K pagesCatalin Marinas
2013-10-24Docs: arm64: booting: clarify boot requirementsMark Rutland
2013-10-24arm64: Fix memory layout typoCatalin Marinas
2013-09-20arm64: documentation: tighten up tagged pointer documentationWill Deacon