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suspend image to prevent sensitive data from being stolen after
-Q: Why can't we suspend to a swap file?
+Q: Can I suspend to a swap file?
-A: Because accessing swap file needs the filesystem mounted, and
-filesystem might do something wrong (like replaying the journal)
-during mount.
-There are few ways to get that fixed:
-1) Probably could be solved by modifying every filesystem to support
-some kind of "really read-only!" option. Patches welcome.
-2) suspend2 gets around that by storing absolute positions in on-disk
-image (and blocksize), with resume parameter pointing directly to
-suspend header.
+A: Generally, yes, you can. However, it requires you to use the "resume=" and
+"resume_offset=" kernel command line parameters, so the resume from a swap file
+cannot be initiated from an initrd or initramfs image. See
+swsusp-and-swap-files.txt for details.
Q: Is there a maximum system RAM size that is supported by swsusp?