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Merge branch 'for-3.16/core' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-block into next
Pull block core updates from Jens Axboe: "It's a big(ish) round this time, lots of development effort has gone into blk-mq in the last 3 months. Generally we're heading to where 3.16 will be a feature complete and performant blk-mq. scsi-mq is progressing nicely and will hopefully be in 3.17. A nvme port is in progress, and the Micron pci-e flash driver, mtip32xx, is converted and will be sent in with the driver pull request for 3.16. This pull request contains: - Lots of prep and support patches for scsi-mq have been integrated. All from Christoph. - API and code cleanups for blk-mq from Christoph. - Lots of good corner case and error handling cleanup fixes for blk-mq from Ming Lei. - A flew of blk-mq updates from me: * Provide strict mappings so that the driver can rely on the CPU to queue mapping. This enables optimizations in the driver. * Provided a bitmap tagging instead of percpu_ida, which never really worked well for blk-mq. percpu_ida relies on the fact that we have a lot more tags available than we really need, it fails miserably for cases where we exhaust (or are close to exhausting) the tag space. * Provide sane support for shared tag maps, as utilized by scsi-mq * Various fixes for IO timeouts. * API cleanups, and lots of perf tweaks and optimizations. - Remove 'buffer' from struct request. This is ancient code, from when requests were always virtually mapped. Kill it, to reclaim some space in struct request. From me. - Remove 'magic' from blk_plug. Since we store these on the stack and since we've never caught any actual bugs with this, lets just get rid of it. From me. - Only call part_in_flight() once for IO completion, as includes two atomic reads. Hopefully we'll get a better implementation soon, as the part IO stats are now one of the more expensive parts of doing IO on blk-mq. From me. - File migration of block code from {mm,fs}/ to block/. This includes bio.c, bio-integrity.c, bounce.c, and ioprio.c. From me, from a discussion on lkml. That should describe the meat of the pull request. Also has various little fixes and cleanups from Dave Jones, Shaohua Li, Duan Jiong, Fengguang Wu, Fabian Frederick, Randy Dunlap, Robert Elliott, and Sam Bradshaw" * 'for-3.16/core' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux-block: (100 commits) blk-mq: push IPI or local end_io decision to __blk_mq_complete_request() blk-mq: remember to start timeout handler for direct queue block: ensure that the timer is always added blk-mq: blk_mq_unregister_hctx() can be static blk-mq: make the sysfs mq/ layout reflect current mappings blk-mq: blk_mq_tag_to_rq should handle flush request block: remove dead code in scsi_ioctl:blk_verify_command blk-mq: request initialization optimizations block: add queue flag for disabling SG merging block: remove 'magic' from struct blk_plug blk-mq: remove alloc_hctx and free_hctx methods blk-mq: add file comments and update copyright notices blk-mq: remove blk_mq_alloc_request_pinned blk-mq: do not use blk_mq_alloc_request_pinned in blk_mq_map_request blk-mq: remove blk_mq_wait_for_tags blk-mq: initialize request in __blk_mq_alloc_request blk-mq: merge blk_mq_alloc_reserved_request into blk_mq_alloc_request blk-mq: add helper to insert requests from irq context blk-mq: remove stale comment for blk_mq_complete_request() blk-mq: allow non-softirq completions ...
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diff --git a/drivers/char/random.c b/drivers/char/random.c
index 102c50d38902..06cea7ff3a7c 100644
--- a/drivers/char/random.c
+++ b/drivers/char/random.c
@@ -902,6 +902,7 @@ void add_disk_randomness(struct gendisk *disk)
add_timer_randomness(disk->random, 0x100 + disk_devt(disk));
trace_add_disk_randomness(disk_devt(disk), ENTROPY_BITS(&input_pool));