BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.4-armlt-fvparm64: dts: Add Linux DTS for FVP with threaded CPUsJeenu Viswambharan20 months
latest-armlt-fvparm64: dts: Add Linux DTS for FVP with threaded CPUsJeenu Viswambharan20 months
latest-armlt-scmiconfigs: vexpress64: Enable SCMIRyan Harkin21 months
testing-ack-18.04-armltarm64: dts: juno: add Android partitionvishal12 months
testing-ack-4.14-armltpower_allocator: properly split power range when all requests are 0Ionela Voinescu2 months
testing-ack-4.9-armltdrivers/firmware/arm_scmi/perf: Temp fix for OPP tablesValentin Schneider15 months
testing-latest-armltMerge branch 'latest-armlt-fvp' into latest-armltRyan Harkin20 months
testing-lsk-4.4-armltMerge branch '4.4-armlt-fvp' into lsk-4.4-armltRyan Harkin20 months
testing-lsk-4.9-armltMerge branch '4.9-armlt-mali' into 4.9-armltArvind Chauhan17 months
tinylinux_giot_demotiny_defconfig: enable network configs.Manish Pandey8 months
v4.12kernel-testing-4.12.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds22 months
v4.11kernel-testing-4.11.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds24 months
v4.11-rc8kernel-testing-4.11-rc8.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds24 months
v4.11-rc7kernel-testing-4.11-rc7.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
v4.11-rc6kernel-testing-4.11-rc6.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
v4.11-rc5kernel-testing-4.11-rc5.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
v4.11-rc4kernel-testing-4.11-rc4.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
v4.11-rc3kernel-testing-4.11-rc3.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
v4.11-rc2kernel-testing-4.11-rc2.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
v4.11-rc1kernel-testing-4.11-rc1.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-11arm64: dts: Remove "arm,vexpress" comatible string from Juno dts files4.4-armlt-baseJon Medhurst
2017-04-11arm: dts: juno: Add links to device-trees for JunoRyan Harkin
2017-02-20configs: android: Refresh config from latest Android sourceJon Medhurst
2017-01-11configs: vexpress64: Enable runtime power managementJon Medhurst
2017-01-10configs: android: Refresh config from latest Android sourceJon Medhurst
2016-12-05arm64: dts: Add IPA parameters to soc thermal zonePunit Agrawal
2016-12-05arm64: dts: juno: fix cluster sleep state entry latency on all SoC versionsSudeep Holla
2016-12-05arm64: dts: juno: Correct PCI IO windowJeremy Linton
2016-11-10arm64: dts: juno: add thermal zones for scpi sensorsJavi Merino
2016-11-10arm64: dts: juno: Add external expansion bus to DTBrian Starkey