BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
tinylinux_giot_demoMove initrd address below to 512KB.Manish Pandey7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-13Move initrd address below to 512KB.tinylinux_giot_demoManish Pandey
2018-06-26bootwrapper: added support for XIP kernel.Manish Pandey
2018-05-30bootwrapper: correcting cpu GIC base for Cortex-A5/A9.Manish Pandey
2018-05-30bootwrapper: bug fix when generic timer is not supported.Manish Pandey
2018-05-30Move initrd address up to allow large kernels.Manish Pandey
2018-05-30Revert "Boot kernel in hyp mode."Manish Pandey
2018-05-30Revert "bootwrapper: Fix misaligned Hyp mode vector table"Manish Pandey
2018-05-30Revert "bootwrapper: Refactor entry into Hyp mode to be more reusable"Manish Pandey
2018-05-30Revert "bootwrapper: Delay switch to Hyp mode until kernel entry"Manish Pandey
2018-05-30Revert "bootwrapper: Drop now-obsolete SMC interface support"Manish Pandey